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Magic Dock is an application to make your desktop more beautiful, funky and functional. For this, this program provides an alternative to traditional Windows tool bar with all the style and functionality of the OS X Dock, this operating system on Apple computers.

As in the existing feature in the Apple machines, the Magic Dock features stylized icons, animations transition windows when minimized or maximized, magnification of the icons when you hover the mouse over them, and other visual elements.

In addition, the toolbar added to the desktop support minimizing windows programs in use and inclusion of tabs for better organization of shortcuts – as happens in the native function of the Microsoft platform.

Usage Tips
The operation of the Magic Dock is, in essence, quite uncomplicated. However, some of its features are “hidden”. For example, to add a new shortcut in the dock offered by this application, you must first create a shortcut on the desktop of the required software and then drag the icon to the toolbar created by Magic Dock.

Clicking the right mouse button over a region without icons dock, you can access the configuration options it (“Magic Dock Settings”). In turn, pressing the icon of an application, you can check and modify the properties of that shortcut specifically (“Dock Item Properties”).

Among the configuration options available, you see the size of the dock, the transparency of the background, the type and color of the font, some styles of animation windows, positioning the new toolbar on the desktop, the various Actions of action and visual quality employed by the program.


Magic Dock proved to be an excellent alternative application for anyone who is tired of the look and operation of the Windows Toolbar. Based on the appearance and operation of the present Dock in OS X, it is able to renew and fully qualified form your computer.

Visual renovated
As well as the native feature of Apple’s operating system, the Magic Dock brings stylized icons and some elaborate animations for everyday actions, such as opening a window or minimize or simply hover over the new toolbar on the desktop.

Thus, not only the work area, but the PC as a whole gets a fine, funky and more attractive appearance. Another positive aspect of this application is the freedom it gives you to tinker with your settings, enabling a change in a multitude of features.

In this sense, the only thing that could be improved is access to these menus. Currently, you have to click with the right mouse button in a specific region of the dock and select some sub-items of the open popup. It would be much more convenient if the program told with an ever active icon in the Notification Area near the clock, for example the.

Levinho, Levinho
The use of Magic Dock should not be a problem. Although necessary to personalize it and enjoy it shares are not reported anywhere or application menu, they are quite intuitive and you end up finding them without major complications. In any case, be sure to read the tips for using the descriptive text of the Magic Dock.

Last but not least, the application presents a relatively low consumption of hardware components of the PC. During our tests, the requirement both increase as the processor RAM is negligible. In other words, the Magic Dock can run on machines with more modest settings without causing slowdowns or crashes.

Magic Dock Download

Magic Dock Download

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