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The MultiMouse is a software developed with the aim of allowing multiple users to spread the same desktop from computers themselves. The software is primarily focused on the presentation of work and tasks that need to be cooperation.

The operating principle is simple: just have the MultiMouse installed on the computers you want to, so the pointer is dragged out of the screen appears on the computer that receives the signals, either wireless or a network location.

How to configure MultiMouse
For the software to function properly, and owning it on every machine you want to connect is necessary to choose the right mode of installation. Otherwise, they are common situations in which, even if they are sent signals, the desired machine is not able to receive them.

To avoid this kind of problem during the installation of the program check the box “Sender” for computers that send the signals simply click and “Receiver” to one in which the hands:

Several pointers in a single monitor

The MultiMouse not limited to simply allow many pointers are displayed to the desktop remotely, allowing the user to access any function of the operating system without any limitations.

This makes the program ideal for anyone who has a computer acting as a Media Center connected to a TV and want to control programming with a notebook, for example.

To avoid confusion as to which user is responsible for each of the pointers shown, the MultiMouse displays labels with names and different colors to avoid confusion. If you wish, suffice some program settings to change these details and make identification even easier.


The MultiMouse is ideal for presentation work or for groups that wish to interact in creating a project, which would be difficult if share the same machine. The setup process fast and the possibility of using both local networks as wireless signals make the program very practical and possible to use by anyone.

Of course, this is only one example of use of the software: who has multiple computers at home can create greater interaction between laptops, desktops and other devices, saving time in order to access and move files between different machines, for example.

MultiMouse Download

MultiMouse Download

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