NANO AntiVirus Free Download For Windows XP, 7, 8

NANO AntiVirus is a powerful and advanced application that offers a good level of security against a number of threats. The program provides a comfortable user interface for easy management of protection for your PC. Using the program, you can quickly check your computer or various portable media run express check or one-click update antivirus program components.

Through the use of external memory in low-resource program that is easy on the system can scan for viruses.

The most important feature of the program is a real-time protection system. The user accessing the file in any real-time protection which is activated automatically when it detects a threat scans the file and the file is quarantined. Able to do a free scan on behalf of different users, which makes it possible to program.

If necessary, you can create a task carried out regularly in order to prevent protection, for example, you can set up scheduled scans selected folders or the update on a regular basis according to a set schedule.

NANO AntiVirus protects your system in real time. Every time you attempt to gain unauthorized access to any file protection automatically scans and detects a threat. When you download a scanner instantly scans all downloaded files from the Internet for their potential harmfulness, and thus protects your computer against potential infection.

Trusted Zone allows you to exclude certain files from the secure testing to accelerate the scanning process. Any suspicious and infected files can be placed into quarantine folder for safe keeping and additional analysis.

NANO AntiVirus Free Download

NANO AntiVirus Free Download