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NetWorx Portable is a great app to monitor the activity of a network and determine the best solution for the case of delays or other issue that will happen, because with this you have access to important information and secure.

The traffic monitoring by means of a graph is a great idea because, in general, images are easier to interpret than long texts with much technical data.

How many times have you happened to be opening any web page and suddenly your connection is slow?

How to know if the problem is in the network or if the cause of the slowness is a defect in the internet service provider?

NetWorx Portable is an excellent application that can answer these and other questions about traffic and network.

With it, you monitor all the activities that are happening on your network, be it home or business. Besides showing the data traffic, the application also displays which programs are running and how much traffic they are generating network.

Drapery program
The interface shown by NetWorx Portable is a simple but very functional. In a few clicks, you have access to diverse information about the network. Such data can be arranged in the form of graphs – easier to interpret – tables or text.

To access the program options, just click with the right mouse button on the icon on the system tray next to the clock. Then simply select the tool you want and wait until the program collect all data.

Tools and Options

The main options inside the program are:

  • Show Graph: displays traffic information in chart form, showing how much data was sent, how many were received etc..
  • Speed ​​Meter: calculates the speed of the network.
  • Usage Statistics: a brief history shows the amount of data sent and received.
  • Settings: allows you to change several settings of the program.
  • Trace Route: know which way to get done in your favorite site.
  • Ping: run the “ping” command, which lets you know if your network is sending and receiving data correctly.

Some features of NetWorx Portable deserve to be highlighted, since they facilitate long life of all users. The first of this select group is the one that displays the graph of traffic. With the main data displayed in graph form, it is much easier to interpret the meaning and know what action to take.

The options “Ping” and “Trace Route” are also very useful because increasing access to commands that were previously only found in the Command Prompt (the scary black screen) operating systems.

The “Settings” earns a place in the list not only by enabling the customization of the graph, changing their colors and options, but also display very relevant information as IP number and MAC address of all network cards on the computer.

No installation
The big advantage to this is that other applications NetWorx Portable Portable does not need installation, once that runs directly from USB drives and other portable devices. Simply unzip the files contained in downloaded ZIP file and prepare to monitor any network.

NetWorx Portable

NetWorx Portable Download

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