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OnePlus is really a cheeky company. Using the OnePlus One and a pair of, it boasted it had trampled throughout a lot more costly options such as the Samsung Universe S6. The OnePlus X limbos even lower, costing just £199 in which the OnePlus X begins at £239.

Features & Specifications Of OnePlus X:

It’s cheap. Although not so cheap OnePlus hasn’t had the ability to result in the little guy feel dead fancy. This really is the most impressive sub-£200 phone you will get when it comes to the way it feels inside your mitts. Sure it isn’t perfect, and a few individuals should most likely spend the additional £40 around the more feature-wealthy OnePlus 2. But Samsung and The new sony don’t offer anything as wonderful for less than £200.

OnePlus 2 review

So far, OnePlus’s phones happen to be mostly plastic things. The backs of both OnePlus One and a pair of are strangely kinda fuzzy, but nonetheless plastic underneath. The OnePlus X’s rear is glass like, say, the The new sony Xperia Z5.

I really think OnePlus’s hardware design is really better compared to the king Xperias, though. The leading glass is curves a little in the edges, really conditioning the feel a great deal. The OnePlus X’s sides are metal too. No a part of the truth is plastic, which causes it to be feel greatly luxurious for any phone that costs under £200. Well, a quid less.

I wound up while using OnePlus X soon after the Nexus 5X, which phone feels much more costly. It isn’t remote something similar to the Samsung Universe S6. How OnePlus handled this for £199 is indeed a mind-scratcher. It isn’t perfect, though. Based purely on my small knowledge about the OnePlus X, I’m sure the aluminium alloy around the phone’s sides appears a little much softer than more costly metal phones. For instance, the OnePlus 2 utilizes a magnesium-aluminium combo and also the apple iphone 6s’ 7000-series aluminium.

Following a couple of days, I observed a couple of little micro dents around the ridged metal sides. I recieve the sensation this ridgy style can there be to ensure that the dents aren’t as apparent because they could be around the softer-on the sides OnePlus 2. However, it’s still metal but still both feels and looks great. As well as completely different to another OnePlus phones.

In addition, there’s another, a little more costly ceramic form of the OnePlus X, that we constantly a fondle of in the phone’s launch not long ago. It doesn’t look very different towards the one here, apart from getting a rather tinted reflection quality. Because the OnePlus X uses Gorilla Glass 3, it’s pretty sturdy anyway.

Another large hardware change is the fact that, trigger the party popcorn poppers, the OnePlus X includes a sd card slot. Its nano SIM and memory sit inside a little metal tray that jumps from the phone’s side, a little as an apple iphone. Inside a clever little twist, you are able to really pop another card within the memory hole if you want.

The OnePlus 2 does not have these chops. However it will possess a fingerprint scanner, which you do not get here. Neither has NFC. Maybe OnePlus just hates wireless obligations.

Another little OnePlus-staple extra may be the switch quietly. This is among only a couple of Android phones nowadays that really includes a quiet mode turn on it. It’s prepared for that cinema. All the buttons around the OnePlus X are metal too.

Many people don’t like the design of the OnePlus One and a pair of, however i can’t really imagine lots of people taking from the OnePlus X. It’s plain, although not bland and instantly impresses. Particularly when you consider just how much it is.

One tiny bit I’d change if because of the chance is how a OnePlus X’s soft secrets operate. You should use software or hardware soft secrets, but those that sit lower underneath the screen are extremely subtle you are able to hardly discover their whereabouts. It normally won’t illuminate either so take some while to mattress in, depending 90 percent on muscle memory.

Still, I discovered the OnePlus X a delight to make use of. It feels petite and slim, and also the properly-placed buttons are an ergonomic smash. This can be a more accessible design compared to OnePlus 2, that is a smidge large for many people.

No-you have quite the cost aggression of OnePlus. And also the OnePlus X is an additional bargain blower for those who don’t like the design of the OnePlus 2, or want something a little more compact. Its design is lovely, without any sign that this can be a allegedly ‘cheap’ phone. It’s a delight.

The only real problem would be that the OnePlus 2 costs only £40 more at £240 and it has a far more versatile camera and, for that screen snobs, more enjoyable-searching colours.

Tech Specs

  • Screen: 5in 1920 x 1080 AMOLED
  • Software: Android 5.1 with OxygenUI
  • CPU: Snapdragon 801 Quad-core
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Storage: 16GB with microSD
  • Battery: 2525mAh

Good Stuff

  1. Great design
  2. Great performance
  3. Stunning value

Bad Stuff

  1. Dodgy Auto brightness setting
  2. Mushy low-light photos
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  1. […] OnePlus is really a cheeky company. Using the OnePlus One and a pair of, it boasted it had trampled throughout a lot more costly options such as the Samsung Universe S6. The OnePlus X limbos even lower, costing just £199 in which the OnePlus X begins at £239. (adsbygoogle = wi…  […]

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