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Outlook Won't Open

Outlook Won’t Open: Updates and security patches in Outlook and Office are important and installation is highly recommended. Unfortunately, these updates are less and less tested before they are published, generating incidents in lower percentages of users.

The latest Office update ( Version 2006 of July 14 ) solves incidents related to security ( CVE-2020-1349 ), such as the possibility of remotely executing malicious code through the Outlook email manager. However, there are users who have not been able to reopen the mail manager after installing this update. Your version code: 13001.20384

Outlook Won’t Open: What is the problem?

Unexpectedly, Outlook no longer opens. The blue window appears with the name of the program, and after a few seconds, it closes. If we try to open it again, the message appears informing that it could not be executed correctly and if we want to open the safe mode. Whatever we do, it doesn’t work again.

Our technicians have carried out many tests in order to discover the origin of the problem, only locating an execution error in a library that requires the mail manager: “mso98win32client.dll”. This library or some of its dependencies causes an unhandled exception in the mail manager when opened. And closes without even informing the user.

Error message generated by the Office 2019 update (v. 2006)

How do I solve it?

The only effective solution is to use the old build, released in April 2020, under code 2005 and temporarily block updates.

To do this, you can either uninstall and install Office in its entirety (offline or online repair does not solve the problem), force the update to the previous version (build 2005) from the command line, or restore the computer to a state above using “system restore”.

Code to be executed from the command line to update to the previous version:

“% Programfiles% \ Common Files \ microsoft shared \ ClickToRun \ officec2rclient.exe” / update user updatetoversion = 16.0.12827.20470

In the tests carried out by the Metainnova technicians, the configuration of the mail manager was maintained, so it should not be necessary to reconfigure all the mail accounts in our manager.

Finally, you will need to temporarily disable updates. In these cases, where Microsoft has not released a patch that solves the problem (a “zero-day” error), we recommend waiting until Microsoft solves the error through an update.

Disabling Office updates from account settings.

And then … what do I have to do?

Once you are working with build 2005 or earlier, you can go back to work without problems. Check that if you use third-party COM add-ons such as iCloud, or G Suite, they work correctly.

Remind you that if you do not have a technology services company like Metainnova in your business, you can contact us. We will be happy to assist you, guide you, and become your technological partner.


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