Parental Control App Download – Kids Place – Parental Control

In this mobile oriented arena everybody having mobile. And If you are parents who wants to keep your children marked on what they they must saw and what not, you must be having Parental Control App in your mobile.

Today lets see one such app called Kids Place – Parental Control which is an application launcher with parental controls & child lock that safeguards your private data and limits kids to applications you’ve approved. Kids Place also prevents children from installing new applications, making telephone calls, texting or carrying out other actions that will set you back money. Includes convenience features for moms and dads for example auto application restart, helpful for young children who accidentally exit released applications. With Kids Place application, kids will get fun some time and parents could possibly get some necessary peace and spare time.


Features of Kids Place – Parental Control:

  1. Custom desktop shows only applications that oldsters have approved
  2. Can prevent children from purchasing or installing new applications
  3. Timer feature to lock Kids Place after specified period of time.
  4. Support Multiple User Profiles.
  5. Able to obstructing incoming calls when Kids Place is running
  6. Able to crippling all wireless signals while Kids Place is running
  7. Can restarts applications accidentally stopped by young children, permitting parents to remain focused by themselves tasks.
  8. Add custom wallpaper to personalize your child’s experience during Kids Place
  9. Suitable for kids of any age – babies, small children, even teens
  10. Plug ins – Kids Place provides additional parental controls for Website content blocking Videos and photographs via wordpress plugin based design. Go to setting > plug ins to gain access to these functions.
  11. Premium Features (requires In-Application)
  12. Run in background mode. Kids Place won’t be utilized as a launcher or desltop. Appropriate for teenagers or on
  13. employees device for use with stock launcher.
  14. Added choice to begin on reboot.
  15. Capability to block application un-install.
  16. Personalize Application Title

Home Back Search and Call buttons are locked to ensure that kid cannot get free from the children Place or make telephone calls.


Permission Explanations:

  • Access To The InternetOr Network Condition: Used just for Google Statistics library. Low data moved.
  • Telephone Call – Simply to identify incoming telephone calls. We don’t make any calls make up the application or read any phone data.
  • Global System/Tools Configurations – For wireless communications disablement, if selected in setting enforcing application securing securing on restart (presently disabled)
  • Kill Background Process – Accustomed to stop applications on exit.
  • Google Billing Service – For in-application purchase to purchase premium features.


Other Notes:

  • You’ll have to set a “pin” when you initially make use of the application which is needed to exit from the application
  • This Kids Place application is just permitted for private use. Please call us for certification options at for commercial use (Kiosk, worker device security, educational institutes, pre-installs) of the application.

Download Kids Place – Parental Control From Google play