PC Tools AntiVirus Free Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


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Many users already know  PC Tools AntiVirus Free Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 , an antivirus program that became popular and gained its place among the software category. Now, the app brings some new features to its users. Among them, a totally free version and also translated into Portuguese, ensuring ease of understanding for those who use the application.


Simple and intuitive interface

The program operates from a single window and the main screen displays your options divided into categories, making the gift in each information becomes quite clear and easy viewing.

These categories are:

  • Status – information about version, release the program and its tools.
  • Verification – to perform system scan.
  • IntelliGuard – protection in real time.
  • Settings – customization options.
  • Update Now – to switch to the paid version.

Performing a scan on your computer

There are three types of scan that can be done on your computer. The “Full Scan” (doing a search on the entire hard disk), the “Custom Scan” (if you want to check only certain sector or directory on your computer) and “Intelli-Scan” (which performs research only in critical areas).

Should it be in doubt about the difference between each of the options, no need to worry. Clicking on any of the three types of scan, a small callout appears just below and beside a complete list of area that will be scanned on each option.

In the program operation screen, you can follow the progress of the screening process and, moreover, one can see exactly which file and directory PC Tools AntiVirus Free is doing research. At the end of the scan are displayed the data on the number of files scanned and the information about what files are infected and the plague which is responsible for the contamination.

To keep updated whenever the base data, the program has a system update called “Smart Update” , which searches for updates and installs them automatically.


The IntelliGuard provides protection for your system in real time, blocking any attempted entry of viruses and worms that can compromise the functioning of the system. If you enter into a suspicious website, the program will automatically display a warning message (by default this option is already enabled).


In this option you can configure the scan modes / quarantine the way you see fit, as well as alerts for removing infections. Moreover, you can also schedule automatic scans, make PC Tools AntiVirus Free is started along with Windows, among many other options.


With PC Tools AntiVirus Free is usually possible to work, surf the Internet or watch videos while the program does the checking without thereby impair the performance of the machine. The program interface is another favorable point, since it is extremely easy to use, in Portuguese and with many callouts to the user.

This program is recommended for users who do not have much familiarity with inspection programs and identification of infected files and also for those who use the computer only to see email and edit text, since the protection provided is not the best. This is a free version and its limitations are related to the refresh rate, availability of dedicated support and via telephone.

PC Tools AntiVirus Free Download

PC Tools AntiVirus Free Download

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