Pixlr Express Free Download For PC, Android, iPhone For Photo Editing


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Pixlr Express is a photo editor in the form of application packed with features . It is designed for mobile devices both Apple iPhone ( iOS ) Google Android And PC . There are over 600 effects , including overlays , red eye removal , teeth whitening and application of edges . With it , you can easily customize any image .

Capturing photos is the favorite pastime of many people with cameras and mobile devices increasingly better , the user tends to improve themselves . Eventually the recorded images need a special touch , that’s where Pixlr Express , photo editor that lets you make changes directly on your phone , wherever you are .

As picture editor , Pixlr Express brings the resources inherent in any application of the category as crop, resize , rotate and other basic . Its highlights are the variety of functions to enhance the photos , as red-eye reduction , color adjustment , white balance and noise reduction .

pixlr express for PC

The Overlay menu brings a pleasant surprise to users, because their filters and effects can be added to images and matched to create new and unique results . Each item listed has a number of variations and with possibility of fine-tuning, increasing or decreasing your viewing .

Although the application have a very beautiful interface , and provide different results for this category type , its constant crashes are reaching or getting off the device and having to take the battery to return to normal .

Today mobile devices , especially mobile phones , have cameras capable of capturing photos as good or better than the portable ” point-and -shoot ” , ie digital cameras used by most people for informal records . Therefore , as this software have appeared that seek to give a enhanced image quality , with corrections and additions effects .

To use Pixlr Express , you do not need photographic skills and editing skills . The operating principles of the features are simple and geared to the lay public .

With the tool ” Auto -Fix ” , it is possible to balance the colors and adjust the dark tones in photos that have suffered from poor lighting . Already tool overlay regulates the arrangement of colors , tones amplifying , cooling them , or adding shadows .

Among some of the effects of image blur are provided focus, “drama ” , brightness, ” grunge look” , ” denoise ” and many others. All effects can also be stirred in their intensities and guidance to make the images the way you want . There are even tools coloring , contrast, brightness and focus.

With so many options , the application offers the option ” to bookmark ” resources preferred , so having them within reach without losing the rhythm of creation.

In the end, every artist wants to show his art . So , Pixlr Express users have the possibility to share your photos via Facebook , Instagram , Twitter or any other social network .

Pixlr Express is available for free for Android devices from version 2.2 or iOS 5.1 onwards .

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