SecurityKISS Tunnel Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS X, Linux


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The SecurityKISS Tunnel is a program that lets you to protect information sent from your computer. By using it, you connect your pc to the web via a secure funnel for that exchange of knowledge, permitting you to definitely navigate inside a completely anonymous. Furthermore, additionally, it allows you to definitely access restricted content by region could they be blocked through the government or through the business owner.

When you browse the internet, just leaving behind many traces of usability, ie, you can easily track the sites you visited and what information exchanged with other people, simply having the right technology for this. However, when doing banking or shopping online you do not want to take any risk: so it is interesting to use the SecurityKISS Tunnel.

The program produces a kind of tunnel between your internet, where all of your details are protected and strained so nothing has the capacity to intercept them on their own path. In additional terminology, the SecurityKISS Tunnel utilizes a highly advanced file encryption gateway, permitting you to definitely navigate securely even just in public wireless systems.

Another interesting advantage

The encrypted tunnel created by SecurityKISS Tunnel serves not only for you to protect your information, but also to protect your privacy in general. As you begin to use a different gateway, the IP address identified by the pages that will be accessed by the server which you are browsing.

In other words, if someone tries to track your IP, you can not get to you, it will be barred by protecting the chosen server. Moreover, another advantage of using a foreign IP is precisely locked to make things Brazilian IPs. Ie, the various sites display videos only for specific countries will be possible to check the contents.

If you are using a computer in places blocked content, for example in China – where certain sites are impossible to be accessed by any country’s people with normal connection. And yet, use SecurityKISS Tunnel is faster than using Proxy services – after all, being a program, it just filters the content instead of also being responsible for displaying it.

How to download

Once you have clicked on the Click to download, a brand new window opens. Here, search for the area Go into the code (Go into the code) and duplicate the figures contained in the look with black background. Then click on Download and wait for the confirmation window opens. This is necessary because each installer program presents a single binary, that is, if you install the program using the same file to another person, the program will crash it!


The SecurityKISS Tunnel has a limit of navigation protected daily 300 MB (50 MB were once only) – if you want to watch videos, try to disconnect the program – ie, it is best to use it only when conducting transactions involving numbers confidential information such as passwords, otherwise you will be unprotected when you really need.

It really works, but has a very dated look and a very slow due to the fact of using foreign servers to make the required connections. Its interface is simple to use, as there are few options and none is complicated to understand. Moreover, the list of servers available is great and you can change which are using at any time.

SecurityKISS Tunnel

SecurityKISS Tunnel Download

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