Skylake Servers

Skylake Servers

Why The New Skylake Servers AreThe Best For Your IT System

The kind of servers you use determines the quality of your IT services. Companies that provide third party IT services will appreciate this more. Your clients want real time access to their files. Not only that, they want servers who can handle all kinds of file formats like videos and pictures easily.

Most importantly, they want servers that can handle congestion no matter the number of users. Companies want servers that do not encounter downtimes since servers have become a mission-critical part of every IT system.

You also need to consider storage capacity. There is this growing craving for storage space all around the globe. Companies now archive files more as against the old practice of discarding old files. As it is now, some companies still have 20-year old files in their systems.

So, technology advancement has pushed the demand from just having a server to the need for fast and reliable server. This is why Skylake servers are likely to be your best bet right now. Here are some qualities that have raised Skylake servers above others.

Improved performance

Due to its general architecture and its improved processors, they exhibit improved performance especially on mobile devices. This is definitely the way to go as Internet is now more accessed via mobile devices than on PCs and laptops.

The speed of response is much faster. The redundancy is very high so the chances of downtime are virtually zero. Its failsafe technology is super reliable. High level of energy efficiency is another important feature of Skylake servers. They consume very little energy to give maximum output.

Designed for the latest graphics technology

There is no doubt, mobile apps rule the world now. There are multimillion apps on the net today and more are still being disturbed. The success of any game app lies majorly on its graphics. This is why most successful games have stunning graphics. Now that game app developers have realized this, serious graphics competition has begun among app developers.

This is why skylake technology has built processors that put users ahead of others in the graphics battle. The technology is ready for all the new technology driven graphics applications.

Compatibility with many hardware and software

One common challenge with servers is compatibility issues. Most servers only work well with hardware of the same vendor. Skylake technology has worked around it as the architecture of their processors is compatible with hardware of a wide variety of vendors. This is a solution to a major problem with servers and its components.

High Memory Bandwidth

To be able to support with the latest graphics technology the servers are configured to have high memory bandwidth. With this feature, they can respond to requests from thousands of users at the same time.

In conclusion, it is also very important to bear in mind that not every server specialist can handle these servers. So, you need to be sure that your prospective service provider has been configuring the servers for his clients. In fact, it is even better to seek reference from a friend or a colleague whose servers are built on the new Skylake architecture.


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