SniperSpy Keylogger Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


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SniperSpy Keylogger may be the state of the art Remote password hacking software combined with Remote Install and Remote Viewing feature.Once placed on the remote computer(s) you want, you simply need to login to your very own SniperSpy account to see activity logs from the remote PC’s!  Which means that you will see logs from the remote PC’s from all over the world as lengthy as you’ve access to the internet!

Would you like to Monitor an online PC? Expose the reality behind the lies! Unlike the relaxation, SniperSpy enables you to definitely remotely spy any PC just like a television! Watch what goes on on screen LIVE! The only real remote computer spy software having a SECURE user interface!

This Remote Computer Spy software also saves screenshots together with text logs of chats, websites, key strokes in almost any language and much more. Remotely view everything your son or daughter, worker or anybody does when they make use of your distant PC. Includes LIVE admin and control instructions!

SniperSpy Features:

1. SniperSpy is remotely-deployable spy software

2. Completely Bypasses any Firewall

3. Logs All Key strokes

4. Records any Password (Email, Login, Im etc.)

5. Remote Monitor Entire IM Conversations to ensure that you are able to monitor IM activities too

6. Captures a complete-size digital picture from the active window however frequently you want

7. Real-time Screen Viewer

8. Remotely reboot or shutdown laptop computer or decide to logoff the present Home windows user

Let’s Say i haven’t got physical use of sufferers computer?

No physical use of your remote computer is required to install the spy software. Once installed you will see the screen LIVE and study the file system everywhere anytime. You may also view chats, websites, key strokes in almost any language and much more.

Miracle traffic bot remotely installs for your computer through email. Unlike another remote spy game titles available on the market, SniperSpy is fully and totally ideal for any firewall including Home windows XP, Home windows Vista and add-on fire walls.

This program then records user activities and transmits the information for your internet account. You login for your requirements Safely to see logs making use of your own password-protected login. You have access to the LIVE user interface in your secure internet account.

So Why Do I want Miracle Traffic Bot?

  • For Partners: Would you Suspect that the Spouse is having an affair AND you don’t have evidence to prove it? Consider Setting up SniperSpy, it not just provides you with the entire activity of the Spouse but additionally provides enough Screen shots and Chat history that may serve as the obvious evidence upon your Cheating Spouse
  • For Moms And Dads: Does your son or daughter stays many of their time before their computer systems? In case your children spend some time talking or playing video games, they may be contacted through the other people. Quite simply they’re uncovered to potentially Harmful such things as Gambling, Dating Other people, etc. Within this Situation Sniper Spy is the greatest means to fix Monitor and control the internet Activity of the child.
  • For Companies: Do all of your employees use their computer assets and Web connection exclusively for the business? Will they act as hard while you? OR Would you suspect your employee’s productivity is missing? You should think about setting up This Remote Software that may serve as the very best Worker Monitoring Software for Small company.
  • For Cyber-terrorist: Are you currently searching for any good way to hack into somebody’s Facebook or Bebo accounts ? or wanna control somebody’s Facebook account? Sniper Spy can expose all of you the Key strokes joined from your victim including Passwords for just about any websites.

SniperSpy Keylogger Download

SniperSpy Keylogger Download

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