VIP Video Converter Download For PC (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1)


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VIP Video Converter is a program developed to be the ultimate tool for those who need to convert multimedia files frequently. The software is not free, but you can download a trial to experience its functionality before placing his hand in his pocket.

The great advantage of the utility is its compatibility with a ridiculous amount of file formats – you can work with both the most famous documents (MP3, MP4, MOV, FLV, AAC) as the more technical and specific (OGG, DV, ASF, VOB , AIFF, FLAC, AC3 and so on).

Not satisfied, the VIP Video Converter also offers a number of presets (default settings) for converting files to certain electronic devices. This makes it easier to convert that movie downloaded on the web to play it on your iPad, your Apple TV, your PS3, your Xbox, your Zune, your Wii … There are several options, and the coolest thing is that you can convert the same file to different formats in a single batch.

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And do not stop there. For users with expertise in multimedia documents, the VIP Video Converter has advanced features that allow you to detail the characteristics of video and music dealt with the software. You can define, for example, image and audio codecs, bitrate, resolution, aspect ratio, audio channel (stereo or mono) and other details of the genre.

A software feature is its ability to convert a document separating it into multiple files of the same size. If you want to – for whatever reason – cut a clip of 200 MB in several 5 MB files each, for example, you can. It is worth noting that in its test version, the VIP Video Converter converts only the first minute of your videos and music.


There is no doubt that the VIP Video Converter is indeed one of the best video converters that money can buy. During our tests, the application especially pleased by the ease of use (unless you want to operate the advanced features, of course) and agility when converting videos and music to many different formats. His ability to cut documents into small predefined file sizes also impressed us.

The only downside we found was the utility design – visually speaking, its interface could be more whimsical, with icons and more beautiful menus. If you have the constant need to convert videos and music and are looking for a capable of handling any extension program that is, it is worth trying the VIP Video Converter and invest in its full version – the software costs only $ 10, price more that fair for all that it offers.


Friendly and intuitive interface; easy to use program
Compatible with an absurd amount of file formats
Multiple conversion presets for electronic devices
Agility in document conversion
Allows splitting the files into several smaller documents


Visually speaking, the interface could be fancier


VIP Video Converter Download

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