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WhatsApp for PC

Download WhatsApp for PC, Windows or Mac. Learn How to install the free application, advantages of the app on the computer, and how to use WhatsApp Web.

Although WhatsApp began as an app designed for mobile phones, today we can also enjoy it on our personal computer. Before we needed an Android emulator to be able to run the application on the computer.
Luckily now we don’t need any of that, we can download WhatsApp for PC easily because they have created versions for the different types of computers and computers that exist.

And it is that WhatsApp has become the most widespread and universal application on the market, with versions for all types of devices and operating systems, which is said to be a full-blown multiplatform application.

How to install WhatsApp on PC

To install WhatsApp on PC we have to download the version according to our team:

  • You need to download WhatsApp for Windows if you have a PC with the Microsoft operating system.
  • Now You have to download WhatsApp for Mac if you have a Mac OSX 10.9 or higher computer.

You should know that when you start the WhatsApp desktop for the first time, it will ask you to scan the QR code to link your mobile. Well, you can do this by entering the application from your mobile, clicking on the three points that appear in the upper right (menu) and in the drop-down choose the WhatsApp Web option, the camera will open to scan and you just have to move it closer to the QR code. After these steps, you will have the application ready to use.

Advantages of using WhatsApp on PC

  • Typing from a physical keyboard is much more comfortable, it is also much faster and more reliable in terms of misspellings.
  • Another advantage is that you can send files directly from the laptop. You will not need to transfer them from your computer to the mobile phone and then send them.
  • It is also more convenient when managing contacts, chats, deleting messages, or entire chats.
  • In short, it provides great comfort and speed for the same functions that you can do with the mobile version.

How to use WhatsApp Web

This is the version of WhatsApp for PC, but without the need to install any program, we will use it from our internet browser, we can say that it is a type of WhatsApp online.

To use WhatsApp Web we need to have Chrome on our computer, we can also use other browsers but they could give us problems, we recommend Chrome, which today is one of the best internet browsers.

From the browser, we enter WhatsApp Web and it is all very simple, the QR code will appear on the main or input screen, which we will have to scan from our mobile to link it.

To scan the QR code from our mobile, we must open WhatsApp, enter the menu (button with the three dots) and click on “WhatsApp Web”.

It should be remembered that in order to use Web WhatsApp on the computer we must have the application open on the mobile phone or where we have the app. This does not mean that we cannot block the mobile, simply that we have it in the background, without closing it (this is how we almost always have it).

It is also necessary to keep the application updated on our mobile or download WhatsApp’s latest version with a certain frequency. Since if we do not have a recent version of the application, it is possible that it gives us problems when it comes to linking with WhatsApp Web.

How to use WhatsApp Web on Tablet

On the tablet, we can also download the WhatsApp app, but if we do not want to occupy memory or the recent versions of the app are no longer compatible with our tablet, we can also use WhatsApp Web:

  • The first thing we will do is enter the WhatsApp website from the Tablet browser, preferably Chrome.
  • When we have already accessed, we have to click on the browser menu, which is the button with the three dots located in the upper right part of the screen. As we see in the following image.
  • In the drop-down menu, we activate the option of “computer version”.
  • Once this is done, everything is as if it were a PC. We see the QR code that we must scan with our mobile through the WhatsApp application. To do this, we enter WhatsApp, access the drop-down menu (the button with the three dots) and click on “WhatsApp Web”.

WhatsApp Web Online

If the WhatsApp online service via the web has any downside, it is that while you have it open you always appear online. This is something that bothers many users who are already recording this aspect.

The solution to this is to close the browser with which you are using Web WhatsApp, or at least close the said browser tab. This does not mean that you have logged out, you will simply stop appearing online.

If you have not logged out on your mobile phone, once you enter WhatsApp Web again from the computer, your session will be opened directly without having to scan the WhatsApp Web QR code.

On the contrary, if you logged out of the mobile app or turned it off when you re-enter the web version for your computer, you must scan the QR code again, as your session would have been closed.


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