WirelessNetView Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7

The WirelessNetView is a very simple application which is designed to detect wireless networks. Once you run the software, it uses the network adapter wireless computer to search for existing connections and displays various information about them.

You can find the network SSID, signal quality, the authentication algorithm, MAC address, frequency and channel number, speed etc.. All this information is arranged in columns easy to identify.

The WirelessNetView not need to be installed, just unzip the file you downloaded and run the executable. The program automatically looks for connections and tells you how many of them were found at the bottom of the window.

Simple lists

The software also allows some simple settings. Click View> Select Columns to choose which information to display in the table. This helps to display only the information that you consider essential. You can also select the option that makes the software beeps every time a new network is found.

Moreover, it is possible to determine the refresh rate of diagnosis, ask for the program highlighted the best connection, restart the wireless service while minimizing WirelessNetView for Tray Systems ( systray ). All this under “Options”.


The WirelessNetView is a program that monitors wireless networks. In a list simple and uncomplicated it discriminates all connections present in the area, as well as several useful information about them.

The program does not need to be installed, can be minimized to the system tray ( systray ) and consumes large computer resources. This coupled with the tool that beeps when it finds a new connection make the software very versatile.

If you are those who do not always have a connection available and often need to work using the internet, be aware of the available wireless networks with the help of WirelessNetView and choose the best that present themselves.

WirelessNetView Download

WirelessNetView Download