Download LameXP For Windows XP

With LameXP you can convert your CDs to the popular format of the current players, the famous MP3. LameXP is a graphical interface for Lame MP3 encoder, Ogg Vorbis and Nero AAC. The program is very simple to use and even novice users will be able to do your conversions.

The program uses the LAME encoder to ensure higher quality conversions and simple buttons to access the functions, since it is more directed to those who have little familiarity with the computer.

The LameXP bet lightness to include users who have old or low-resource setting. The installation file has about 6.7 MB. It is suitable for simple machines.


Creates MP3 (MPEG 1.0 Audio-Layer III);
Enables a higher compression ratio with the highest quality MP3;
Supports PCM audio files and MP3;
Supports Mono, Stereo and Dual Mono.

Download LameXP For Windows XP

Download LameXP For Windows XP

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