5 items you can share on WhatsApp


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That WhatsApp is the instant messaging application used and extended is a proven fact in many countries. Among them Spain, which continues to lead in its category. However, written messages are not the only content that enables exchange, although it is the most used. The pictures, videos, songs, location and contacts are some of the distinguishing features of this communication tool. Issues not everyone knows and we want to provide some important information in this article.

5 items you can share on WhatsApp


It is without doubt one of the keys to success of WhatsApp . And it can share snapshots of an important moment like a wedding , the birth of a baby, a holiday or even a meal has become one of the most common users of this application. However, personal photographs are not the only content of this type which proliferate in WhatsApp , many have already received or joke funny images from the Internet that run like wildfire talks. A good way to say good morning, celebrating the arrival of the weekend or take a smile to someone special. To do this simply press the button Share (paper clip) and select Take Photo to portray a moment in that moment with the camera of the device or choose Gallery if you share an image already stored . It is also possible to use applications like WhatsApp Humor to stock a lot of ridiculous pictures to share.


It is one of the points at issue in this application. And, despite having this feature to share moving images with sound, there are several limitations to keep in mind. The most notable of these is the 16 MB limit which prevents sending such files occupying more than commented. Something that prevents sharing videos high definition , quality and medium or long term . Therefore, the recommended option is to record a video from the menu Share of self WhatsApp , ensuring the ability to share it once it has been captured. Yes, the result will not high quality, but at least it ensures not destroy the data of mobile Internet rates .

5 items you can share on WhatsApp 2

Audio and songs

Another more comfortable to share content via WhatsApp are the audios , whether voice or songs. To do this, again, just press the button Share and choose Audio . Here are two alternatives: choose WhatsApp recorder to collect sounds, voices, etc.. or access the music player to choose one song to share. A process that could also be done from other channels such as applications voice recorders or some playlists that give you the option to share content directly in WhatsApp .

This section also does not forget about the new messages Push to Talk . A function to send audio recordings instantly and are especially handy for getting a message spoken to the caller without his having to download it as a song. Simply press the button on the text bar and keep it up to end the recording. Once finished, simply release the button the message is sent and is discharged into the speaker terminal so you only have to listen. A process unlimited become truly comfortable for those who do not have time to write or want to share a moment of audio that can not be expressed in words.


It is one of the skills WhatsApp something forgotten, despite it being a more practical function. With it you can share the information of a contact in the phonebook in just a few taps on the screen, no need to copy the name and telephone number of memory from the phonebook to a message from WhatsApp . Simply pull down the menu Share and choose Contact . This takes the user directly to the agenda of his terminal, can select the desired information and share it through a conversation. Thus, the caller simply access it and store it in the terminal , no need to memorize numbers and write them one by one on the agenda.


Another of the most overlooked features of WhatsApp . With it you can indicate to any contact’s current position about any time and place. Simply pull down the menu Share and select location , allowing you to choose between the current location and a list of stores and locations nearby . All a utility to be in a particular place and even saved lives to be able to indicate the approximate location of lost hikers to rescuers. This feature uses the connections to the Internet to establish the approximate location, being necessary to activate the sensor GPS location to achieve even more accurate and concrete . The downside is that this process can quickly deplete the battery terminal.

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