LINE For Android

Although the great innovations of LINE were presented a few days ago , it was not until now that device users Android have been one of the most striking features: the videos known as Snap Movies . One of the new features that are going to give that talk in this communication tool and seeks to stand up straight in the style videos Vine or Instagram to share through conversations . Although there are other developments.
LINE for Android and style to create videos Vine
And that LINE for Android just received a new update to finish tightening the nuts of its last revision, which already had the Snap Movies , but only for iPhone . Now this feature comes to this platform. All you have to do is download a complement to perform video recording. A similar process to download any application from Google Play . Simply access a conversation, press the + button and select Snap Movies . The first time are encouraged to download this plugin, the other times it leads to the recording process .

The system posed Snap Movies is as simple and undoubtedly remember I came , but with an extra feature: the music . Thus, a new recording screen is displayed when you choose this option, beginning to capture images when the user presses the screen . Recording stops if you release your finger from the screen, making it possible to create videos up to ten seconds in duration with different shots . Once this process is only to choose the background music to accompany the images, having a long list of tunes that fit perfectly with different situations. After this step is just to send the video .

Furthermore, with this function, the new version of LINE for Android has some more extra points. One of them is the ability to activate the Reject messages , which can block all incoming messages that are not from a friend . A good way to increase the privacy of this tool and to avoid any misunderstanding. Another added feature is the extension of the time limit on recording voice messages , which has now increased to 30 minutes . Enough to deliver a good speech through this application.

style to create videos Vine
In short, a tune that users of Android appreciate, especially by Snap Movies , opening a world of possibilities in this tool, adopting video as a means of communication. The new version of LINE now available for download through Google Play . As always completely free , although it is advisable to upgrade and download the add-on Movies Snap a connection through WiFi to avoid exhausting the data rate Internet .