FIFA 14 comes to iOS and Android devices

The New edition of FIFA 14 , developed by EA Sports , is now available in the App Store for all users of mobile devices from Apple.

FIFA 14 comes to iOS and Android devices

FIFA 14 has arrived with a slight advance on mobile devices compared to the final version of the consoles. Available now for phones and tablets Android and iOS, FIFA 14 offers the ability to handle up to 33 different leagues with over 600 teams. For the new version of FIFA 14 have been recreated 34 football stadiums.

Looking to use touch screens, the game launches new easy to learn controls for deploying greater precision passing, swipe for shots on goal, or hold the screen to enable mode player dribble or cut .

The app comes in free mode with purchase options once the player is familiar and has begun to play in their own league. In fact, to play the classic game modes (Quick Match, Tournament and Manager Mode) you have to pay $ 5 for the App The new version allows you to challenge other players in multiplayer games and share the best moments of each match with the repeat option.

The new online mode of Seasons Cooperatives, allows each player to play online with another friend against two other opponents, trying to reach or win the first division league. Furthermore, Match Day mode has been included in Seasons and Seasons modes Cooperatives, connecting online players with leagues in the world to date based on actual events and performances.