How to Set Up, Add and Change a Signature in Outlook


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In this post, we are going to explain how to configure and add a signature in Outlook, Microsoft’s email application. The outlook is an application with many resources, and among them is that of allowing you to create different signatures and then be able to choose which one to use with each of the accounts you have added. Although this option is only for the version of Office 365 for desktop.

Steps To Add Sign in Outlook

So let’s see how we can create signatures in the three versions of Outlook that you have available, the free versions for mobile and web devices. And also in the one included in the paid Office to install on your computer. Each of them has completely different options, so you decide which one you want to use.

What you have to take into account is that the signature will depend on the application with which you send the email. For example, even if you have the same Outlook account, if you send an email by mobile you will have the signature of the mobile application if you send it by the web version you will have the signature you have configured there, and the same with the version for desktop.

Set up your signature in Outlook for PC

Image by – Mahesh

In the computer-installable version that is included in Office 365, the first thing you have to do is open the application. In it, add the Outlook account in which you want to put a signature if you have not done so before. When you have it, click on the File button that you have in the upper left of the screen.

Image by – Mahesh

Once the File menu opens, you will see different options to perform with Outlook. Here, you have to click on the Options button that you will have in the left blue column, just below all on the Exit option.

Image by – Mahesh

A window will open with all the Outlook options. In it, you first have to click on the Mail category (1) in the menu in the column on the left. Once you enter those options, click on the Signature button you have in Create or modify signatures for the messages.

Image by – Mahesh

You will enter the signature panel, where there are three different blocks in which you can perform the different tasks when creating, modifying, managing, and editing your signatures. Here is what each of them does, which we have marked in the screenshot:

1: You edit the different signatures you have created. You can create new ones by clicking on New, delete them or click on an existing one on the list. When you have a click, it will be the sign that you will be editing in point 3.
2: You choose the account in which you are going to use the signature selected in point 1. In addition to the account, you can put different signatures in new messages and in replies or forwards.
3: It is the panel in which you have the options to edit what you put in the signature. You can change its font, put bold, change the size of the text, or insert images among other things. You can also use the business card format or paste elements from the clipboard.

Set up your signature in Outlook web

  • The second option is the web client, which you will access using the website. Once you have entered and logged in with a certain account, click on the configuration button (1) that you have at the top right with the icon of a cogwheel. In the menu that opens, click on the link See all Outlook settings (2) that you have at the bottom.
  • A window will open in which you will find a lot of categories divided into two left columns, and the content shown further to the right. First, click on the Mail category (1) in the far right column, and once its options open, click on the Compose and reply (2) option that you will see secondly.
  • When you click on Compose and reply you will see all the available options on the right. The first option is to create a signature, and you can use the text format options to give it the shape you want. In addition, below the text, you have two selectable boxes to decide if you want to include it both in new messages and in forwards and responses.

Set up your signature in Outlook mobile

  • Unfortunately, the mobile app is the only one where you won’t be able to format the signature too much. In it, open the side menu of the application, and in it click on the Settings button that you have at the bottom left with the icon of a gear-wheel.
  • Once you get to the options screen, check the Mail section. In it, click on the Signature option that will appear below the notifications with the icon of a pen. Doing so will take you to the screen where you can write a new signature.
  • And that’s it, on the change signature screen you can only write plain text without any option to format the text. In addition, that signature will be used for all the accounts that you have linked in your email application.
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