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Add2Run is a small application that allows you to create shortcuts to your programs via the Run window. Through it, you can open any file or program with a few keystrokes.

Anyone who has used the Run box knows that small, to open certain files, just type a small shortcut name. For example, to open the calculator, all you need do is press the Windows + R keys, and type “calc”.

That’s exactly what Add2Run allows you to do. The program allows you to add any type of file or program and also create a little nickname that is entered in the Run window so that the program is open.

Say you have a spreadsheet of costs that you usually open every day, or several times throughout the day. You can then add it to the program and create a shortcut called “plan”. Every time you open the Run window and type this name, the spreadsheet will automatically open.

To do this, all you need to do is open the Add2Run (the program does not need to be installed), click on “Select” to search for the file and add an alias in the “Alias” field. Then click Add to finish the process. Ready! You will be able to open this file with a small shortcut.


Add2Run is a small application able to create shortcuts to your programs and files through the Run window. The program can convert any document, executable or any other type in a command so you can open them quickly.

The process for doing this is very simple: just look for the file and create a nickname for him. After that, all you need to do is enter the Run (Windows + R) window and enter this little nickname.

New breath for the Run
The program practically gives new life to one of the oldest features of Windows. In addition, some features have become more practical to be driven that way, especially for those who are accustomed to using keyboard commands.

Add2Run has a very easy interface to be imaged. The program does not need to be installed and all features in just one small window without menus or any other extra feature.

Easy to use
The buttons and fields are very well positioned and organized in an extremely simple manner so that any user can add shortcuts to your programs and files quite easily.

In our tests, Add2Run managed to create shortcuts with ease. The idea is very good, especially for those who frequently use the Run window with some frequency. That way, you can add more useful and helpful for the resource functions.
Add2Run Download

Add2Run Download

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