Anvi Ultimate Defrag Download For PC (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1)


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Anvi Ultimate Defrag Free is a program used to you optimize your hard drive, applying some file system correction functions.

With it, you can do a thorough check on your drive, correct possible errors and defragment the drive – all to improve computer performance.

The program is very light and even running you can use your computer normally without crashing or excessive delays. By nature, this application is paid, however, to make your installation you have a 14-day period in which it can be tested freely.

Organizing The Machine

It is not hard to see that the computer loses some of its initial performance over the years. However, you can often alleviate these performance problems in making simple tasks, such as organizing the file system on the hard drive. However, it is not always easy to perform this kind of action manually.

Thus, a simple way to solve your problem is to use the Anvi Ultimate Defrag Free. The program operates from a single screen, containing all its functions directly on the display, which certainly makes it much easier to use for those who do not have much affinity with this type of application.

Initially, the application begins with an interface in black, however, if you prefer, you can change the color in the program settings. From the options is also possible to decide the types of units to be displayed on the screen and also if the Recycle Bin should be emptied during the cleaning process.

The program also includes a tool that allows you to schedule automatic occurrence of the process as the frequency set and the time chosen. In addition, there is a way in which you can make there a defrag on startup. However, it is good to have some care with this alternative because it can leave too slow machine to turn.

Another option that can be adjusted in the settings is your computer usage profile. There are four alternatives, and can indicate whether the machine is more used to play, surf the internet, either commercially or with no specific function.

Starting Optimization

Once everything is set for the best operation of the program, you can start the computer verification process. For this, the first step is to choose which is the hard disk to be checked and, if you only have one HD installed on the machine, it is automatically selected.

So, note that there are four functions in the bottom of the screen: “Repair”, “Clean”, “Defrag” and “Optimize”. Here, all you need to do is mark those you want to run, and when everything is as desired, click the “Start” button. You can track the progress of the operation by the screen and at the end of the procedure, a message informs your success.

Review Anvi Ultimate Defrag

Anvi Ultimate Defrag Free is a program for you to optimize your hard drive, making a complete procedure to correct any errors and organize the file system. So you can improve machine performance and also get more free space to store your documents and programs.

It is not limited to defrag or clean the hard drive, running all procedures in sequence to improve results. Additionally, you can rest assured that everything is carried out fully automatically, eliminating the need for you to make manual settings for its operation.

However, if you want to leave the process even more relevant to your needs, it is worth checking the available settings and choose those it deems appropriate.

Fast And Efficient

Most functions is made relatively quickly, however, the defragmentation can take up a larger share of their time. However, this depends on the size of your hard drive and the amount of items present in it. The application interface is very well organized, and you can view key functions directly on the screen.

Regarding the process, you are the one who chooses what will be accomplished by selecting the options you want to include in the operation. So you can check the time you have available or even adjust the functions as its ultimate realization.

The program also allows you to schedule the occurrence of automatically process as indicated rate or even at computer startup. However, as mentioned in the description, the latter can delay a little the process of starting the machine. The application does not consume many computer resources and can even use the machine normally during the procedure without facing delays.


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