PortExpert Download For Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1

PortExpert is a small program that allows you to get detailed information about all TCP and UDP connections that are active on your machine. Thus, it becomes easier to identify potential threats and eliminate suspicious applications.

By monitoring network traffic, you discover what the software installed on your computer that can access the Internet. So any strange item that is connecting to the internet through your network is a possible malware. The system check ascertains that all transitions are linked by sending and receiving data packets.

Prevention is better than having the stolen data

When you open the application, you will find a complete list of all UDP or TCP ports are active and connected to their remote IP addresses. If you’re in the browser or open instant messaging, for example, they must be present in the catalog. Click on any of the items to view detailed information about it.

If you find any suspicious address, just select it and click the “Whois” button. Then, the program will open a page of the site Whois , enabling you to see the IP location rated, place of origin, host, responsible etc.

Clicking on “Search Web”, the software does a Google search using the procedure chosen in the list. With this, you find out what other users and forums have said about the possible threat and decides whether to close it or not.

A skilled detective

To expand the possibilities of the tool, click on the “Show System Process” function. Thus, you can also study the ports used by the OS files. Similarly, the “Show Local Connection” displays all UDP connections that are running right now. If you want to stop a connection, simply use the “Freeze Time” function.

Review Of PortExpert

Since the communication port via attacks are frequent, a tool that helps to avoid them is of great value. With PortExpert, you identify possible attacks and can eliminate malware and suspicious entries.

Weighing just over 2 MB, the application is ideal for finding connections and suspicious files that are taking advantage of your internet. Although the specifications shown by it are somewhat technical – which turns away some laity users to find out that something is wrong, just check the process name.

If you have any suspicious program and you have not installed on the machine at will, chances are that it is malware. To not leave any doubt, the software offers two methods – via Whois and Google – thus you decide whether to break the connection or not.

Displays detailed information
Weighs just
Two evaluation methods

It can be tricky to lay users


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