Pxper Download For PC (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1)

Pxper is an application created to facilitate the work of designers and programmers in time to give those touches in the layouts of your websites, blogs or any other graphic design.

Therefore, this program adds vertical and horizontal lines that overlap any window, software or image displayed on the computer monitor. Based on this floating grid, the professional can adjust each visual pixel with accuracy.

Another peculiar feature of Pxper is that it can calculate and show the exact distance between the added lines. It’s worth noting that these guidelines are created in the screen semi-transparent and can be customized to make them more or less translucent, and offers three colors to separate tags.

It also has options to lock certain lines, hide or show specific guidelines and to unite grids groups so that they are moved together without undo the settings and spacing established.

Review Of Pxper

Pxper has a very specific target audience and a relatively simple operation proposal. However, these features do not make it a bad software. On the contrary, in what he undertakes to do, its performance is satisfactory.

Its interface itself through minimalist lines, bringing together all the features in a single floating toolbar. The adopted icons are very intuitive and help promote an uncomplicated interaction and that can be easily assimilated by most people, even by those who do not speak English.

One of the coolest aspects of Pxper is that it overlaps with absolutely no window, image, or open programs on your computer. This allows the professional graphic design or programmed to calculate parameters of any type of content.

In addition, the application showed a low consumption of machine resources. During our analysis, the increase in demand both CPU and RAM was virtually nil. In other words, the Pxper can run on PCs with more modest hardware configuration without causing slowdowns or crashes.


Simple interface
Uncomplicated operation
Overrides any window or screen image
Low consumption of PC resources

Pxper Download