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Aoao Video to GIF Converter is a program that lets you turn any video into an animated GIF, cutting the words you want.

Therefore, it can be the tool that you sought to make that mount to your blog or page, avoiding the complexity of traditional publishers.

The application has some limitations in the free version, and you can create your GIFs no time or restricted quality, but with a watermark in the center of the generated content. The application does not consume many resources of your computer, allowing operate without difficulty even in more modest machines.

Make Your animation

There is no denying that animations can be essential to illustrate an idea to publish a text on the Internet. This is because they serve both to visually reinforce what has been written as to generate feelings or mood with regard to content. However, mounting a GIF is not always an easy task.

Therefore, the objective of Aoao Video to GIF Converter is to group the convenience of a friendly interface with the ability to use powerful features for you to edit the content. The application comes fully ready for use, avoiding the need for you to make adjustments to the settings.

So to begin their experiences, just click the video – action that can be completed by clicking the “Load” button and the tracking on your computer. As an alternative way for the task, you can also “drag” the clip to the program screen. In both cases, just wait a few moments for the item to open.

Your GIF In Moments

If you want to make a preview of the video, even to find the desired point, the player provisions of the screen is fully functional, allowing normally play the loaded content. If you already know what the parts you want to cut, just set the start and end times through the available bars.

You can also set an exact time by pressing the button after the time line and filling in the fields for baseline and end of the cut. Then, you can use the settings as you think fit, possible to indicate a resolution, full frame (which is usually automatically set as the cut) and the format.

For the latter, are available, in addition to GIF, BMP, TGA, TIF, PCX, PNG and ICO. The program also allows you to add effects on the item and you can choose one of the options available in “Effect”, just by clicking on it deems more interesting alternative to improve the finish of their work.


Review Of Aoao Video to GIF Converter

Aoao Video to GIF Converter brings a very practical application for creating animated GIFs, especially for those who do not have much affinity with the editors available for the task. This is especially the fact that he has a very clean interface with all functions displayed on the button in order.

Thus, the application prevents excess menus and possible concealment of interesting options in them. The program operates with videos in varied format, causing problems with incompatibility have a very small chance of happening. However, remember that everything is assembled from ready clips, it is not possible to generate completely from scratch content.

The program’s focus is on ease of use, offering a simple procedure and a completely automatic conversion. The program screen is clean and the mechanism for the creation of GIF has no secret: simply choose the start time and the end time of the segment to be cut out of the video.

Similarly, the other settings are opened from the buttons that represent them and usually you just need to choose one of the items from the options provided. Once you have selected the desired options, the full program the process by extracting the frames alone.

Worth keeping in mind that the free version leaves a watermark in the middle of the generated content, which can be removed only with the acquisition of the license in the full version.

Download Aoao Video to GIF Converter

Savita Sathe
Savita Sathe
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