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Apowersoft Free Image to PDF Online is an online service which, as its name suggests, serves to convert image files to PDF format. The program runs entirely from your web browser, causing it to be using the machine on which you need, and when it deems appropriate, without making facilities.

Another interesting point is that the program works with both files present on your computer and with images that are hosted on some internet service. The application is lightweight and can be used without any problem even in more modest machines.

Fully online

Not unusual you need to make conversions of formats in documents, especially when they are associated with school work or presentations. Although in some cases it is easier to save to an appropriate type for the program itself, transactions involving PDFs usually require specific tools for the task.

Thus, an online service like Apowersoft Free Online Image to PDF can be the solution you’ve been looking for to solve the problem when you need to transform an image into a PDF. A major advantage of the application is the fact that it has a simple interface, focused on the visibility of their functions and ease of use, ensuring that even beginners do not have many difficulties to operate it.

The program screen is divided into two sectors, one to upload files directly from your computer and another to paste links coming from internet. To start using the program, the first step is to choose the desired function by clicking on the tab that represents the action you want to take.

The conversion

Once selected the image source, you should start uploading the file to the application interface. If it is an illustration available on your computer, click “Select File” or paste the link into the appropriate field for figures hosted on the internet. Then, in both cases, click “Add the Picture.”

If you want to add multiple images on separate pages, you can use the “Add new page” option and insert the new. Optionally, you may request that the number appears on each page of the document to be generated. Likewise, a title may also be added therein (separately).

When everything is as desired, click “Create PDF”. That done, a new browser window appears for you to preview the results and a notification screen opens for you to confirm the download process of the generated PDF.


Apowersoft Free Image to PDF Online can be a great ally for those times when you need to change the format of a file. However, it is completely limited to that provided function, which is to transform images into PDF files type. To facilitate the task, it supports the achievement of the task in batches.

You can even separate the images into separate pages, which can display the numbering, if desired. The program is a good tool for those who do not have much experience with this type of software. That’s because its interface is very intuitive, providing functions clearly visible on screen.

Unfortunately, the service does not offer the reverse process, not being able to convert a PDF into an image, which is also commonly used. All procedures were really fast, even in the case of files with a slightly larger size. The end result proved to be as faithful as possible to the original.

Likewise, the images were not mixed or “cut” at an intersection of page, something which can be considered as positive. You can use the service without having to make any adjustments, something that can be very interesting, especially for those who do not have much affinity with this type of application.

So, if you need to perform a conversion of an image to PDF quickly, especially to make edits, it may be worth checking the Apowersoft Free Image to PDF Online.

Apowersoft Free Image to PDF Online

Apowersoft Free Image to PDF Online

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