AudioGrail Free Download For Windows XP, 7, 8

AudioGrail Free Download Software is a Swiss Army knife designed for you to manage your audio files in a complete, without having to install anything else to it. It lets you organize, rename and adjust all the ID3 tags of your favorite music. The application uses the online database (FreeDB) for the tasks of identifying sounds.

If you own a lot of music on your computer, it probably comes a time when it is necessary to organize the album covers, artist information, define the musical style, year of release, among other topics.

With so many people end up using various programs – almost one for each task. The result is a computer filled with apps, just to keep your music library in order. Now you can do all these tasks and more with just one tool.

Take care when installing the tool, because it is accompanied by an additional application that has nothing to do with the AudioGrail, but you must install it. This happens when opening the program, too. Wait for the countdown and click “Continue” to finally be able to access it.

Main features

As the program acts as an “all in one” for information on settings of your audio files, then it presents various tools such as:

Embedded audio player;
Editor ID3 V1 and V2 tags, OGG Vorbis and APEv2. Interesting is the fact that it shows the album cover automatically;
Tool to analyze the quality of the songs that displays an average when multiple files are selected;
Option to download directly to the stick;
Manager playlist;
Duplicate Music Finder.

Burn to CD

AudioGrail presents a great advantage: it has a CD burner built in, so you can set all the details of the files and records in a very simple way. Therefore, there is no need to use other programs such a task.
AudioGrail Free Download

AudioGrail Free Download