Frinika Free Download For Windows XP, 7, 8, Mac, Linux

Frinika Free Download allows you to create and edit the songs you created yourself. It features various effects and settings for your sound is of the desired quality. The tool works with MIDI audio files (much smaller than the majority of other formats) and can export to OGG, WAV, AIFF or AU. MP3 files are not recognized, then do not try to load them.

Although the interface is a bit complicated at first, over time it is easy to get used to the program. He brings good tools to let your MIDI files with a very good quality. The tool score and streaming audio help much for those working this type of file.

Until some time ago, to record a composition of his own was difficult and very expensive to do. To edit a song was necessary to hire a professional in the business, so start the recordings and, weeks or months later, the result was finally ready.

Over the years, things started to change. Major studios mixes now become computer programs in the hands of a musician. Therefore, you record, edit, add effects and, moreover, discloses his music on social networks for free.

No need to install!

As the program was developed in Java , it runs on any operating system and requires no installation: just unzip the folder and then click the application icon to open it. Then adjust the two initial settings and when finished, click “New Project” to start a new composition.


The visual aspect of Frinika may seem a little confusing at first, but gradually you get used to where the main functions to edit your music so that it is as close to a professional recording.

Main features

With the menus situated towards the top of the screen plus some symbols round the relaxation from the interface you are able to

Import and export files;
Choose from three display modes;
Configure various aspects of audio quality;
Insert the transposition, “reverse” and setting time;
Produce and create audio tracks from various audio sources;

In short, the program works as a sequencer and synthesizer complete. Also, bring a radio station mode: you can edit the songs and plays streamed by the program itself.


The program brings a very interesting feature for those who like to work with professional music: it generates the music score being played piano instantaneously. To view this score, import a file and click “Notation” in the lower left corner of the interface.

There is possibly the way in which “Piano Roll”, which you’ll click on the pencil-formed “Write Tool” to hands write each note to become performed each and every preferred time. For those who have a feeling of music, is a great option.

Frinika Free Download

Frinika Free Download