AVG Antivirus 2014 Free Download For Windows XP, 7, 8


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Besides ease of use, AVG 2014 showed that this suspicion about their delay analysis and computer crash remained behind, bringing a very good antivirus!

Keeping your computer secure is almost law for all users, and do not think that your operating system is saved, even if it is the safest in the world. Nobody knows how the actions of hackers and people with malicious intentions may be, so you must protect yourself somehow.

All though this assumption is very obvious to anyone who has a computer, but the biggest problem is the balance of quality of an antivirus with its price. Not everyone can afford to have huge value that a complete antivirus, so there are free solutions that can help. Some are very good, others not so much, and now we will analyze the new AVG Antivirus 2014 has just come out in their free version and it says safer than before, with new features and new ways to protect the wearer from attacks.

The First step is not so nice

Once you are installing your program, be careful with some things. As much as it is a virus, there are still those annoying toolbars that want to take over your computer and your browsers. Read all installation instructions before installing the program itself, so that no other unwanted program is installed or a setting is made.

The AVG features are downloaded after the beginning of the installation, so if you’re not in order to download the moment, let to install on another opportunity because you have to wait for updates to be made to use the program.

Another problem I found was at the end of its own installation. If a problem occurs the program will re-download all the files at the time of resettlement. This can be a bit tedious for users.

Are you protected?

Once you finish installing the program he wants to know if your computer is protected and you figure it out just take a look at the top, a huge message saying that the computer is not protected appears! That made me a little worried, but thankfully the program itself comes to analysis of how to protect your computer from any threats and in a few minutes a message protection, green, left my heart calmer.

Using the program

On your home screen you can choose the type of protection you want to access at the moment, and may even seek application of the program to your phone or tablet. But never mistake about it, this type of application just opens a stream between the computer and not install inside your device a kind of protection.
Well, that same main screen you can choose an option called “Fix performance” where he will analyze several windows crashes to the level of severity of failures and ask permission so that they can be resolved. Positive for AVG.

Simplify shortcuts

One thing I noticed was the simplicity shortcuts placed in it, as many have antivirus thousand options to choose from with technical names nor his nephew manjador of informatics knows now, simply click on the button “check now” he will start his famous analysis of the system, looking for viruses that need to be removed.

Remarkable also is the implication style “metro” which became popular with the new Windows and is now part of most software and even web sites. This style is based on the simplicity of your icons where you can find out about the operation of buttons with a few words of generous sizes.

Speed ​​of analysis

There is not the slightest possibility of a virus to be extremely fast at the time of analysis, even because Windows has lots and lots of files to be searched. Anyway, he did not show that significant delay and best of all, not the computer crashed. Everyone knows very well about the reputation of AVG to halt nearly all other processes on the computer while running your analysis.

I did several tests, such as opening other programs and over 20 browser tabs, and believe it or not, the analysis did not change anything in the common usage of my computer. Another very positive to AVG now.

The Internet and your needs

In the new antivirus update they further increased the power of the user’s safety when surfing the internet, because, with the increasing use of social networks many profiteers make announcements powerful weapons to invade a machine. But do not forget, even with some computer security is very important to be very careful what you click.

Even on the Internet, security in e-mails was also increased, even as these are the main weapons for transferring malicious files.

AVG Antivirus 2014 Free Download

AVG Antivirus 2014 Free Download

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