CCleaner Free Download For Windows XP, 7, 8


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In its fourth version CCleaner brings the same functions efficient cleaning, repairs the registry and formatting removable media. Now with options for automatic cleaning after closing the browser and remove duplicate files. However, in a hit and interface without scheduling options

When using the computer is common that programs leave behind temporary files, unnecessary information configuration and other data that are no longer useful. Over time, Windows loses performance and hard disk runs out of space for software, music and videos Clip.

Also, keep the machine a number of unnecessary personal information ends up denouncing their usage habits, both on the internet and the computer. Anyone can access your machine to know which sites, documents and programs you frequently use. A good solution to improve PC performance and free up disk space is CCleaner .

Let your computer faster

The tool has special functions aimed at eliminating various types of temporary files, and data from Internet Explorer , Mozilla Firefox 19 , Google Chrome , Windows Media Player, etc.. In addition, it also has a number of tools aimed at improving the PC, remove duplicate files and clear removable devices.


The installation of CCleaner is a breeze. First click the download button included on this page. After the process of double clicking on the file of the program. The whole interface of CCleaner, as well as your installer is already translated into Portuguese. Soon you will have no problem in the process.

During installation CCleaner displays two options that differentiates it right away with the other applications. If you do not want to pollute the desktop, or add more programs in the Start Menu, CCleaner allows include shortcuts from the context menu of the Recycle Bin and punch it / run it with just one click.


In its version 4.0 CCleaner not risked a lot of changes. The gray and muted tones prevail in the application. Are located in the left corner buttons “Cleaning”, “registration”, “Tools” and “Options.” At the center is shown the log with the activities performed by software and beside a list of all programs and Windows items, with which the software works.

The icons used in the application were slightly modified. They are more visually appealing with rounded edges and smooth design. But still there are many new features. At the top of the program you can check some system information such as CPU and Ram.

CCleaner Free Download
Custom Cleaning

The function names that the software remains as effective as those of its previous versions. Clicking the “cleaning” software displays the 2 main tabs related to the process: Windows and programs. In the first group are the places in the system that tend to cluster dirt and unnecessary files: temporary Internet files, browsing history, index.dat files, recent documents, auto complete history, Thumbnail Cache, Jump Lists, Cache DNS cache sources, The Way of the environment, etc. Free Space.

In the tab “Programs” you will find a range of multimedia software (Adobe Flash Player, Real Player, Steam, Windows Media) utilities (Adobe Photoshop, Samsung Kies, Avast Antivirus 8, daemon tools, Windows Defender, WinRAR) and Windows (MS Paint, MS Search, RegEdit), which can be cleaned with the tool.

Tick ​​all the options you want to clear and click “Scan” to start the process. In general, the scan CCleaner is very fast and shows errors in seconds. Remember to close the browser to do a thorough search. After the process, the software displays a log of all data found in MB amount to be excluded and the analysis time. Click “Run cleanup” to complete the process.

Fixing the record

The registry is also one of the great villains responsible for system slowdowns. As applications are being installed and uninstalled they leave unnecessary entries in the Windows registry and make it difficult to find the necessary entries to the correct execution of other applications and add-ons.

With the registry cleaner CCleaner can fix problems sound effect, Windows services, startup files, Fonts, Programs, Libraries, errors SctiveX, shared DLLs, unused file extensions, among others.

To activate it just click “Check for errors”. After the scanning software shows all errors found with options so that you can mark off and confirm the data you want to correct. Click on “Correct error (s) selected (s) …” to keep the record free of conflict.

Multipurpose tools

As if that was not enough to clean custom, CCleaner also offers a number of tools to optimize the program.

Uninstaller : lists all the programs installed on the machine and allows removing  them along with one click. Also, if you like, you can also, you can also rename the entry of the software or remove it permanently from the system (ideal for those boring programing has who refuse to be uninstalled);

Programs started with the system : enables management of all programs that are initialized together as a system. The software is presented in tabs so you can find exactly what you want. You can enable, disable, and remove entries in the system.

  • Search the archives : this is a novelty of the fourth version of CCleaner. With it, you can find duplicate documents by assigning a number of factors search. This is ideal to remove identical items, which take up unnecessary disk.
  • System Restore : allows you to manage all restore points saved on your computer. This way, you can go back a few points behind the system and make it work properly before have been some crashe or contamination by viruses.
  • Clean the device : With this tool you do a thorough cleaning on a device, be it a removable disk or partition. You can choose to “Clear only free space” or remove all data. To make sure security, you can choose the number of steps that gives the tool to perform the cleaning. The higher the number of steps, the greater the run time.

Smart Cleaning

If you like privacy probably should not like anyone to know what your internet habits, they usually visit sites and forums which usually post. After all, a trip on the browsing history of any person can tell a lot about her.

Now, you can set CCleaner to run automatically each time you close the browser, or even monitor all disk space on background and detect when cleaning based on disk space that can be saved.

CCleaner Free Download For Windows XP, 7, 8

CCleaner Free Download

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