Axence NetTools Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7

Axence NetTools is a tool that allows you to perform a complete diagnosis of the status of your connection.

There are 10 different applications in the package, and you can use them for various purposes such as more detailed information about your internet connection, track IP addresses in your approximate geographical location and link remote machines that were suspended.

A real xray
The application package includes shortcuts the interfaces of tools to facilitate daily use and also allows some customization so that everything is in accordance with the needs of your organization. Otherwise, you can set some settings to be getting constant reports on what is being monitored.

In the latest version, were included supports multiple servers, email notifications and other forms, history log, export data in XML, HTML and TXT, service monitoring TCP / IP, HTTP, POP3, SMTP and more than 50 other types .

Moreover, the tracking tool addresses can now identify the activity of suspicious web addresses also in Russia and China.

Axence NetTools Download

Axence NetTools Download