Bdrive Server Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7


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Bdrive Server is a system for online networking between computers and also portable devices. With it, you use the internet just stop sharing their files and can access them from other machines or even mobile phone without storing anything on the web.

The function of the program is a little different services like Dropbox or Ubuntu One , in which you keep everything in the cloud and then access other computers. With Bdrive, you create a kind of server in your home or office, and then connects to it using Android devices, iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) or computers (Windows and Mac), since all have Customer service installed.

After all set, Bdrive works as a drive with the letter B (the letter used by resurrecting old diskettes), as if it were an existing disk inside your case. With this, simply send or removing files from there so that they are shared or not. You can also share with other users, set passwords to limit access and more.

Installing the server
The first part of the service is the creation of a server. You download the program and then install it on the machine. That done, you set the content to share, which can be many folders as you want, no size limit. Each one gets a specific identification, each folder feature that makes it unique.

You can choose the type of permission that allows folder (read-write or read-only) and remember that to share files, your server needs to be connected. This is another big difference between Bdrive and many applications that create virtual networks storing files on the internet, because the server computer must always be on and connected so that the content can be accessed by devices-clients.

Configuring the Client
After you finish setting the server, just install the client (which you download by clicking the button below) and complete the setup. You add your server (the shared folder for it) informing the IDB, the name that identifies the folder which was automatically generated by Bdrive.

If everything is properly connected, it is enough that a new drive is added to your computer. You can manually reset the letter that will identify the new “virtual drive” the machine and you can interact with it according to the level of permission received.


Bdrive is a very interesting service because it makes it much simpler action to create a network between computers without the need for advanced configuration, such as having to open the settings menu to enter Windows IPs, make checks via command prompt and everything that normally occurs.

Its configuration is simpler, but more unstable. That’s because your network will depend on the stability of the servers Bdrive that make the connection between servers and clients of all its users around the globe. Undoubtedly, thousands of people connected to the same service simultaneously may result in slowdowns.

Anyway, the idea is quite functional, demanding settings very simple and almost anything involving identification numbers. Only a combination of characters is necessary for you to access any shared server and connected via Bdrive, all very simple and very intuitive graphical interface.

Being cross-platform, running on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, ensures a good range of use of Bdrive. Finally, we should note the fact that the system be integrated into Windows Explorer, allowing access everything through the browser’s file system.

The major drawback is the fact that the server obviously needs to be always on and connected to your shared data are available for all other customers. Moreover, lacking support for Linux systems that Bdrive could in fact be a universal app for creating network using cloud computing.

Bdrive Server Download

Bdrive Server Download

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