Chrome for Android update brings new gesture control

Chrome for Android update brings new gesture control 1

Which is the best mobile browser for Android phones? Of course, Chrome – and currently receives an update that finally brings also the stable release a few gestures functionalities on that await users of the beta channel for a while.

Back in August, we were able to report that the annoying accidental switch between open tabs by horizontal swiping thanks to an update of the Chrome Beta for Android from now belongs to the past, and now the final version of the mobile browser is following suit: With an update, the users over will reach the next day, even the stable channel receives revised swiping.

Chrome for Android update brings new gesture control

As explained on the Google Chrome blog by way of screenshots, switching between open tabs will only be possible in the future using horizontal swipe from the address bar; accidental switching tabs in lateral navigation through the content of your browser should be a thing of the past. New members are the two vertical gestures: a swipe from the address bar down to open the Tab Index – yet this was accessible only through a shortcut in the upper right corner – while wiping the menu button at the top right to bottom opens the drop-down menu and the user allowed to select the desired item, without having to lift the proverbial finger.

An APK file for this new Chrome version on Side loaden is not before us, so we will be better or worse, have to wait until Google’s rollout has arrived in waves from us.

The waiting period until then, users of the desktop version of Chrome can sell with a great new feature to search for pictures: It allows Chrome on PC and Mac from now on, for every x-any image that appears in the browser, right-click an immediate search start – the cumbersome drag-and-drop method is a thing of the past.