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Citrio brings another option for app you surf the internet directly from your computer. As their key differentiators, the program offers a simple system configuration Proxy, plus the ability for you to download torrents directly from the application manager.

The program is lightweight and does not take up lots of system resources, allowing it to be used in more modest devices without any problems. The app does a good management including the use of RAM, avoiding crashes.

Interface and main functions
Soon to open the program, you may notice that it is very similar to Google Chrome , which ensures easier for those already accustomed to using this browser. Even the tools and options, in addition to being the same, are positioned in the same menus. The main difference in this sense is the extra applications.

However, even if this is not the case, the application interface is well organized and has a good identification of the functions offered. Another interesting point is that it has support for add-ons for Chrome, allowing you to further expand the possibilities of the web browser.

The color combination of the program interface is lightweight and very pleasant. The idea is to present “Citrus” colors, featuring the name of the tool.

Speed ​​and simplicity
At least in browsing speed, the Citrio makes pages load quickly and can easily compete with the main options in the market. The program also worries about their security, with protection against phishing and malware integrated (so it is ideal that you keep up to date browser).

Additionally, if you wish, you can login using your Google account to synchronize items as favorites, browsing history and other settings. Likewise, it makes access to services associated with the login, as it would if you were using Google Chrome.

One big difference is in the Citrio your download manager which can be accessed through the “Downloads” button, after this the address bar of the browser. It lets you view all the files that are in progress or as kind, beyond what has already been completed or canceled.

If the browser is closed during a download, it is not necessary to restart the procedure, because the program will perform the operation exactly at the point where it was interrupted. Additionally, one of the most interesting points of the program is that you can even download torrrents and magnet links directly from your browser, without resorting to other software for the task.

The program also has a control system proxy that can be accessed by available after the address bar of the browser “Proxy” button. To add one of your own, just click on “Add new proxy” option and choose one of the options for configuration.


Citrio brings another alternative browser for you to access the internet, betting on a visual with soft and very nice colors. A positive aspect found, especially for beginners, is that the interface of the browser and its settings in general be identical to that adopted by Google Chrome. Thus, those who have used this browser can locate quickly the functions and tools offered.

Moreover, as it has support for add-ons to the browser developed by Google, will not miss customizations and additional features to the browser. The login system Chrome is also available to Citrio, functioning identically, allowing you to access some services more quickly.

Another highlight of the program is to include protections against phishing and malware embedded in the browser. That way, you ensure additional security when browsing the internet. Likewise, the browser is light and fast. You will be able to load new pages without delay or unnecessary waits (however, remember that your connection affect the results).

The program has a more direct way for you to control proxies in use via a button in the interface itself. However, this function could have been better explored if there was already a pre-configured proxy or a listing that could be accessed by the operator, avoiding whatever was necessary to do this search manually and easier for those who do not have much affinity with this type of option.

The Citrio also has an integrated download manager, allowing you to recover files that have interrupted the process, avoiding the need to begin operation from scratch. Another interesting feature of the browser is the fact that he was able to download torrents, paying an additional tool for the task.

Therefore, for all its positive aspects, he certainly is a great alternative for those seeking a different browser, but without compromising the efficiency of the program.

Citrio Download

Citrio Download

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