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Share post: is an online service that lets you store and edit images, supporting, including the RAW format. With it, you can save not only images but also catalogs and metadata securely, so you can work from anywhere, via the device you have available.

To use the program you must create an account and you can make your clicking here . Remember to add an active email because a registration confirmation will be sent to the email address entered. The program is still under development and testing (Alpha) and may not always behave as expected.

From the browser
Only a few services that can handle RAW images type directly from your browser, especially quickly and satisfactorily. Moreover, among the options available, there are few that are completely free as As already mentioned, the program is still under development and one of the goals of the developers for the future is to make the tool can be used collaboratively.

After placing the order the program, you are taken to your home page, which is simple but extremely elegant. The first step for their use is to link your account to your images directory Google Drive. That done, the available images are loaded on the screen and if you have no service in there is the option to upload without leaving the application.

Regardless of the option chosen, finished loading, your images are opened directly in screen, as thumbnails. Moving the cursor over a picture, the options are displayed remove, rotate, edit and share (Facebook and Twitter), and format it to be identified on the screen.

Clicking on any one of them, the picture is displayed in larger size and centralized, with options to access the editor, download it (in RAW format) and rotate.

Editing Images
By accessing the editor tool, the image opens in a new screen and even you can “drag” it to the location it deems most appropriate before you begin the changes. On the left side of the program are all available options, displayed as button. So basically, all you need is to click on the desired alternative.

In the case of making a cut, its image is opened with dotted lines so you can make the desired change. The functions sepia, grayscale, brightness, contrast and saturation are open on the same screen (regardless of which option you click). To apply any of them, simply adjust the corresponding scroll bar.

This action generates a preview applied in the image, so you can get an idea of ​​how the final results will be. Still, if you do not like the results, there is an option called “Reset all filters” on the main screen, to eliminate the changes, restoring the original pattern image.

Moreover, there are still options to mirror a photograph and turn, only requires clicking the button corresponding to the function to apply it.

Review is a program that brings an image editor that works directly from the browser, without the need to install an application on your computer. Moreover, the service is capable of supporting a series of photographs of different formats, including those that are RAW type.

It supports only photos available on your Google Drive, not being able to load images on the computer or from your camera. The program is certainly a good alternative for those looking for a simple editor that allows making small adjustments in the images, applying filters, mirror, rotate, or change the color scheme.

The program interface is well organized and all available resources are displayed as button. Thus, the use of the application is much easier than if you were to use a professional editor for the task. Likewise, the screen has an elegant look, making its use is nice.

Regarding the available commands, everything is applied by buttons or scroll bars, complete with a preview in real time how the picture will look after applying the selected resource. Another positive aspect of the software is the fact that it is lightweight and does not consume lots of system resources, so that it can be used without loss of performance of the machine.

Worth only strengthen the program is still under development and testing (Alpha) and may not always behave as expected.

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Savita Sathe
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