CyberLink Live Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


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CyberLink Live delivery tray all your digital content directly from your computer wherever you are. Your music, photos and videos are stored on a remote server, which you can access from a log in the program and then just enjoy your files. From this remote server, you can listen to your music, view your photos in slideshows , read your comments and share ideas. This may be the first step in the creation of online activities in a community with people you trust. Robust and interactive, CyberLink Live is not difficult to use. Even the more basic users can share media without problems. Once this content is installed and available on your PC, you can access your computer from the page of CyberLink Live. The laconically for this is that your computer is connected accessed. An assistant will help you with the installation and configuration of the program. For more advanced users, there are options to customize the connection settings, ports, controllers.

Share your media files, documents WEBCAM AND IN GENERAL!

The dark and modern interface CyberLink Live, besides owning a belovisual, is very well organized (the arrangement of items refers to estilodo iTunes). From a bar located on the left side for the Programme, you can access all your media components: channels of TV, photos, videos, music, documents and webcam. Files are arranged in an easy to access, in a únicajanela that integrates all them. Besides you can open them from deoutro computer, you can also choose the “Share” (Share), which is allowed to send your files directly in emailde a friend or other service users CyberLink Live. So comovocê sends, can receive, and ends up forming a network decompartilhamento interesting. STARTING TO USE Few steps from installation to start sharing your files. See them in detail.

First settings

This procedure is automatic and will get data and set up your internet connection. To adjust doors, just click on Advanced Settings. Then it’s time to create a free account on the service. Just provide an email address, create a username and password. then you must configure the video recording through your webcam. You can choose not to share your camera in service. If you have reception of TV channels, this is where you configure them either. Then, comes the line: define which folders will be free to access another computer. Recommended care to create a specific folder, thus avoiding the unwanted file sharing. Set your media folder, your documents folder (this can be password protected) and ready. To access the content that you provided, please visit the CyberLink Live ( between with your email and password and all content will be available.


CyberLink Live is a great way for you to access your computer without sitting in front of him. Imagine having access to your personal files, whether music or professional projects, from any other computer. So no one needs more than email, pendrive or anything. The biggest problem is that the service is such a good idea to charge for it. You can test it for free, but will only be a demo version. Your full content comes out to around 13 reais per month (which is not no nonsense for what it offers.) You will use your media files, but it is not possible to control the computer, like send him off or anything. It is interesting to be able to watch your webcam from another PC, can use it, therefore, as a security camera for environments such as your office. Summarizing, the service can be considered simple and efficient. It’s a good way to access your digital content without space limit.

CyberLink Live Download

CyberLink Live Download

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