ALLMediaServer Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7

ALLMediaServer is an application that uses DLNA technology to allow you to open music, videos and photos from your computer using your cell phone or other device.

This type of technology is an easy way to connect your computer to an external device and use it as a media center. This means that the files are located on your PC, but playback can be done in other gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and televisions. Virtually all the new gadgets that come with this type of technology integrated factory.

Open the program and click on “DLNA Servers detected” to make sure that the ALLMediaServer is connected. If your icon is not displayed, you must turn the key “Online” (yellow mean on, gray means that the application is off). Click Playlist to select the folders and files that are shared.

For this to work, we need your mobile device has an application compatible with DLNA to receive the transmission of files. Mobile devices Samsung AllShare feature a native app with this capability, however there are several applications, free and paid, for Android, iOS and other platforms.


The ALLMediaServer is not difficult to use, has a simple interface and actually works as promised, but some details take many points and make him have to improve enough to be considered a great app.

One problem that may seem unimportant, but rather that hinders the use is that not every application is in English, the language that is relatively “universal.” Many hidden menus and advanced options are only available in Polish, which can be considered a serious fault.

Another problem is that it is not very stable. The connection to a cell phone was made, but fell several times. Another similar flaw is that no explanation for this, the media server appears and disappears randomly, and one hour is possible to find it in the phone and then immediately add it.

Even with these points, we must remember that the ALLMediaServer not even reached its 1.0 version, so bugs are expected. If this type of error is repaired, it has everything to become a great app, since it is completely free, has a beautiful look and really is able to make the connection between the devices.


ALLMediaServer Download