RemotePC Host Access Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS X, Linux

Just like floppy disks and even CDs or DVDs, USB sticks can already be retired. Instead of loading a few files, how about having access to all your computer from any machine with internet? This is the proposal of remote access servers, application category which the RemotePC  Host Access part.

Such a program was born with the computer technicians as the main focus, so that professionals could access customers’ computers remotely and conduct repairs without being present. Gradually, however, the technique fell in love users who joined because of the convenience of having access to your personal machine from anywhere.

The simplicity of RemotePC draws attention. To use it, you need to conduct a simple registration on the website and, soon after, download the client to use the service.


To use, you must download the application on the computer that will receive RemotePC remote accesses. Complete the fields corresponding to your account, and in the spaces to the right, the information on the computer, giving it an identifying name and a password to prevent unauthorized access.

Using a computer remotely, however, is not exactly like sitting in front of him. Not only the quality of the displayed image is subject to the speed of the internet, as the remote use.

If the user has a connection with low speed, mouse movement and clicks may be harmed take a few milliseconds to be transmitted over the network. In an attempt to circumvent this problem, the RemotePC has an option that reduces the intensity of colors and the quality.

The program also has simple options for transferring files between the connected computers and printing devices. All these functions can be accessed via the menu at the top of the window.


The free version, you can remotely connect to a single computer, the Basic package, or three, the Plus plan. The RemotePC Free Trial version is available, and can be used with full functionality for up to 30 days from the date of installation.

After this period, you must buy a license, we have cost that vary according to the maximum limit of computers that can be accessed remotely.


In a market where applications like LogMeIn and VNC are sovereign, the RemotePC draws attention for its simplicity. Both to configure how to remotely access, simply enter a password and start using. This should appeal to lay users.

The downside is the limit for computers registered mainly in the free version. If the user decides to pay for it, of course, the use is unlimited. Worthwhile, particularly for set aside the gadget file storage.

RemotePC Host Access

RemotePC Host Access Download