Gladinet Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7


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Cloud computing has arrived with everything and the fad became indispensable tool for the new generation of nomads: people who constantly migrate computer. To make life easier for those who live connected but lost time to use a multitude of online services, Gladinet Cloud may be missing to help you take control of your files in the cloud. Mire skies You may have seen applications that downloads mail, like Gmail Backup , but with the Gladinet you can do more. Besides having access to your Gmail account and read your messages without opening your browser, this application allows you to have your files from Google Docs at hand. If you think that the tools of Gladinet stop there cheated, because besides these two options, you can access and download your files from the Windows Live SkyDrive , ADrive and Picasa . These options are available in the “Resources”, a site that simulates a drive on your computer, such as C:, for example.

Besides allowing the creation of virtual directories, the software also does the opposite – run applications online on your computer. An example of what Gladinet is able to bring to your PC are Google Mail (Gmail), Google Docs, Google Talk and Google Picasa.

To access this information you must have a Google account or live, depending on the service you will use. Moreover, it is possible to create Safe Cards (Cards Security) to the very Gladinet automatically log the websites you specify.

Access tools

Visit the taskbar!Although not very light (19.8 MB), Gladinet stands by stealth, since there has a great user interface windows or exaggerated. To open the application and have access to its functions, click the right mouse button on the logo of the program in system tray (bar next to the clock).

In this window you can access all that the program offers, for example, only a few programs that run in the cloud, but it can run without you even open your browser, your file directories Gmail, Picasa, Docs and other and more . X Pro Free Version

In addition to all the features of the Free version, you can use some tools during fourteen days of the PRO version. These tools are: task scheduler, manager backups and configuration manager. Remember that the Pro version is paid, so if you want to shell out a few bucks, you can upgrade version.

What’s New in Version

With the arrival of the update Gladinet, some changes were felt. The first and most obvious one was the interface. Now, the program has a window well diagrammed, divided into tabs so you do not miss the set and save your information in it.

Another very interesting novelty is the possibility to synchronize the folders on all computers on which you installed Gladinet. This is possible thanks to Cloud Sync Folder function, which takes care of keeping all folders shared by the cloud always very well updated with any changes that you make in documents it.

Although everything is synchronized and updated in real time, it can not guarantee that the connection will not fail, that lightning will not fall or that his younger brother will not kick the stabilizer. To give you more security to manage your files in the cloud, Gladinet Cloud Backup entered the function. So you make a backup of everything you have online. This mechanism is very similar to that provided by Dropbox.


The new version of Gladinet undoubtedly came with everything in the field of cloud computing. By bringing key functionality, facilitate access to various online services and provide direct access to Google services , the most complete and used today, this application has achieved efficiently Junction Desktop with the cloud. Besides offering Google services, Gladinet stands to leave more accessible online weight applications such as ThinkFree and all its tools. Comprising an interface shy and discreet, no doubt this program will have a guaranteed place on your computer if you reach the clouds as quickly.

The new organization of the interface is a great asset to the program, now that the information is more closely grouped and still guarantee that you will be guided while exploring the advantages of Gladinet. Still, the new feature that drew the most attention during the test was the Cloud Backup. This new feature seems a bit useless to those who do not have the habit of creating a universe of copies. However, a good backup is always very important. Therefore, Gladinet has taken care to ensure that your documents – even though they are in the cloud – do not suffer any kind of corruption or error.

Gladinet Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7

Gladinet Download

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