Download Comodo LoginPro For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Comodo LoginPro is a program developed by Comodo to facilitate the implementation of remote access on Windows computers.

Is to scour files from your home computer or lend a helping hand to that friend that does not know how to configure something in the system increasingly remote access is used.

Previously you needed a lot of patience and spend hours on the phone giving the necessary instructions, now, just connect to your PC and fix everything right where you are.

Accessing from afar
After installing Comodo LoginPro, realize that its interface has three different tabs, all organized in a small menu on the left side of the screen. That way, you can use virtually all the program’s tools. At first, “Connections”, you are able to access other computers.

In “Allowable Users” you define which machines on the network can connect to your PC. Finally, in “Settings”, you set some guidelines for the functioning of software as the connection ports it should use, for example.

Connections happen the same way in other programs of its kind, ie, the computer needs to be accessed to provide a “name” and password for pairing happen.

By browser
Besides having tools in its main interface, Comodo LoginPro also works through their browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox  or Google Chrome . For this, all you need to do is access the website developed specifically for the program,

There you are able to connect with all machines “their”, ie, all who have the software installed and your login completed. All appear in a list and you can even choose to access them in windows or using the entire computer screen.

To use all the tools of Comodo LoginPro, you must create an account on the company website. This register will be used both for you to access the functions “native” software, but also for you to connect to PCs using the web service interface.

Using Comodo LoginPro is a bit confusing. While you are able to connect to other PCs for their own application interface, the service also has an online option for you to have contact with their machines.

In this sense, the use of the page only worked when the program was also installed on the computer. This is bad because it makes it impossible that you can control your home computer when you’re using a public PC, because you can not add the program to this machine.

During testing, we also found a hard time pairing the remote connection, even changing settings and internet ports. Comodo LoginPro was installed on four computers and none of them worked in the software so easy and uncomplicated.

Although Comodo LoginPro expect a big company behind its development, the program was not the most functional when it comes to the connection between remote computers over the Internet. Thus, we recommend other options more friendly and uncomplicated as the acclaimed TeamViewer  and then the official extension for Google Chrome that allows remote access to the Remote Desktop Google Chrome .

Comodo LoginPro

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