My Network Speed Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7

My Network Speed ​​is a specialized application to monitor the speed of the internet connection. In an extremely discreet, the application adds new element on the screen, showing the changes that the data is sent and received between your computer and the web.

It serves both to monitor Internet connections and for connections to a local network, it is able to identify the network devices present on your computer. Simply put, you can switch between all of them, may confer the speed either.

The menu of the My Network Speed ​​is located in the Windows Notification Area, the existing bar next to the system clock. Just click with the right mouse button so that it is displayed in a complete and allows new settings in a practical way.

Monitor the top (or not)
The main visual feature of the My Network Speed ​​is a small menu in that it displays the download speeds and uploado your connection. These values ​​are variable, after all, when you connect to the web or downloading is always sent packages – and this application serves precisely to track changes.

At this menu in the Notification area, you can either disable the display of the monitor as not to leave it always on top (so that it is hidden under the windows). There is also the opportunity to see their values ​​only by positioning the mouse cursor on the icon next to the clock.

Network Adapter
In My Network Speed ​​menu there is a submenu called Network adapter to monitor. In it, you select which network adapter will be monitored, and that is what makes it possible to switch between monitoring the internet connection and local connection.

My Network Speed ​​is an easy and very focused, which makes it a good candidate for anyone needing a monitor connection speed. The great advantage of this remarkable little is the fact waive any installation and can even be run from a USB stick.

Perhaps a more visual menu, in which some settings as the band and traffic volume, the My Network Speed ​​become even better. However, as their major focus is simplicity, this ends up being a detail expendable and do not affect the overall performance of the program.

My Network Speed Download