DFX Audio Enhancer 11.112 Download


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Excellent tool to improve the audio of all that is heard on the PC. The improvement is extremely absurd, there is no comparison with the sound “dead” out of famous players. Even being paid, the options are great, you will feel in a room with surround!

What do you think to be able to dramatically improve the audio quality of everything you hear on your computer? Know that this is indeed possible, in a way easy and without installing any editing program that is complicated to use. After all, have a good sound on the PC is not always easy, especially when you do not have a good board and audio boxes.

DFX Audio Enhancer is a supplement that enhances the sound quality for all your music, movies, Internet video, online radio, games and everything else that is desired, leaving everything in stereo. Prepare to turn the program and be immersed in sound quality of high definition, the difference in audio quality is really rewarding.


Be careful when installing the program: it suggests an additional application that has nothing to do with the DFX, then do not accept when it becomes available (see image below). Install the program and automatically it is already activated, the difference in audio is instantaneous.

Why use it?

Take for example the fact convert music from a CD to MP3 or any other format – always some sound frequencies will be lost in this process. The advantage of the conversion is to reduce the size of files, causing you to have thousands of songs on your PC, without sacrificing disk space.

On the other hand, this kind of task makes music with sound quality far less when compared with the mastering orginais. It certainly is something that bothers quite discerning listeners, especially those who, somehow, are involved in the music world.

DFX excellence recreates some of these frequencies that were lost, which explains the impact generated from the first band to perform some activate the application.

Pop the ears!

The program increases the volume of what is heard on the machine, creating an ambience sound totally professional, similar to a surround equipment, and good. Thus, with low quality songs become much more enjoyable and cheers for the hearing.

The tool fits all audio frequencies (40 Hz to 14 kHz) and allows you to change the character of the sound with some adjustments that can be easily changed. Five settings are available:

Fidelity – Makes the tone closer to a mastering original;
Ambience – Generates ambience in audio, which makes you feel like you’re listening to music in a professional studio;
3D Surround – Generate a more dynamic and traveler to the sound. However, this option is only available for the paid version of the program;
Dynamic Boost – Increases volume and brings life to the sound, not changing the frequency of the original composition;
Hyperbass – Increases the low frequencies of the music, making you feel as if they are from within your body.
In this free version, each regulation cited can be adjusted to level five, the complete tool lets go to ten. Apart from this restriction, you can not change the audio mode for the options “Speakers” and “Headphones”.

Other adjustments

In the right part of the application interface, you can change the audio output mode for “Music Type I”, “Type II Music” or “Speech” (good option for listening to podcasts, interviews and documentaries where there is much talk and little effect sound).

In the menu “Presets / Select”, you define any adjustment already pre-defined by the program, but as the DFX is very easy to use, so it will hardly be necessary. Moreover, if the look of the application has not pleased him, there are three color options in the “Skins” for your choice (red, gray and blue).

dfx audio enhancer 11.112 download

Dfx Audio Enhancer 11.112 Download

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