Download Razer Surround Free For Windows XP, 7, 8

Good option for those who have some peripheral from Razer. Otherwise, changes in the volume of the audio is not very pleasing and there is a real feel of the surround. If you do not own a phone company, so just the equalizer that is worth using.

If you are a gamer, sure the audio quality of the games is a key factor for your stay complete entertainment. But not everyone has a good card and speakers to enjoy the powerful sound quality found in the latest releases from the world of games.

The Razer Surround is a good alternative to solve this kind of problem. It is a tool that provides virtual 7.1 channel sound to any headset that is plugged into the computer. Mainly specialized in customizing the sound for games, with the program you set up various technical specifications of the famous surround, responsible for generating a “3D effect” in sound.

Notice to mariners

You can configure the application to any sound played through speakers or headphones, but it is primarily designed to work in conjunction with the Razer headphones. Even current models have options for selecting the model to be used, making the peripheral configuration occurs smarter.

Once installed, the first step is to conduct a brief registration on “Create Account” (which must be confirmed by e-mail). An interesting aspect of the program is that the settings are saved in “the cloud”, so it requires that you register. Therefore, when you use the software on another PC, simply login with your account already created. Every calibration is “imported”, which saves a bit of your precious time.


When you open the Razer Surround first, click “Start” to start the calibration complete audio. Make sure that the headset is correctly positioned (right earphone on the right ear and left headphone on the left) and, first, select the corresponding enhancement in the list presented by the program.

Press “Next” to advance two more screens and wherever a kind of green circle, take the “Calibrate Now” to start setting of surround audio. At this point, the tool prompts you to close your eyes and try to feel what is the right direction for each test sound output (use the arrow keys to adjust the levels to the left or right).

Main Features

After the sound has been configured, you can finally enjoy the features for audio enhancement tool that brings. The “Audio” menu features a number of items that are very easy to adjust:

Stereo Enhancement – Increases dynamic volume to widen the stereo image of what you are hearing;
Bass Boost – Adjusts the level of the low frequencies of the audio, ie, serves to generate the sound more serious (often used in funk, rap and black music);
Sound Normalization – Monitors changes in the frequencies and normalizes the sound, so the volume change will be much lower than before;
Voice Clarity – Evidence voice volume, great to communicate with other players in an online game;
Volume Level – Controls the overall volume.


If you do not have any headset from Razer, then the application can give the impression that it really is not that good. But when the EQ “EQ” is accessed, then the difference in sound can really be felt when changing each frequency level independently.

You can adjust the frequencies of 125 Hz to 16 kHz. Even if you do not have a clue how to configure it, the Razer Surround gives you a hand: go to the “Equalizer Presets” and select some audio adjustments already pre-defined program.

Download Razer Surround

Download Razer Surround