Audials Light 11 Download For Android, Windows XP, 7, 8


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If you are a music lover, or simply like to hear a sound while surfing the internet or working, but has a lazy to create playlists all the time, Audials Light is for you!

With Audials Light you have available thousands of radio stations from various countries at your fingertips. Or rather, your ears! Without lengthy entries, and no advertising.


Download free music
Just do a search by artist, title or album and Audials Light will look at music videos from YouTube and similar services. The search is performed quickly and simultaneously at different locations.

Record up to 30 minutes of video from anywhere
You can use Audials Light to make video recordings of any page you are browsing as Youtube, Vimeo or similar sites. No matter the source, and even websites with features that protect against media downloading or copying.

Audials Light writes predefined areas for you on the desktop, creating a video file that can be saved on the PC. You can also save videos directly simply put the link in the same area “save video”, like the links of videos on Youtube pages.

All in one place
The program brings together multimedia features and online Media Center to your collection of audio and video files that are saved on your PC. With these resources together, you save time looking for and will always have something new to listen to.

Moreover, you can still share your multimedia collection with all computers on the network or on the Internet, using the cloud services like Dropbox or BOX for storage and access a WebDav server private or a private cloud.

Follow Your Podcasts
For many who listen to podcasts, you can add them to the program to accompany them in a practical and automatic.

Audials Light offers a list of over 40,000 podcasts recorded, but you can search and add your own, and keep track of everything on your PC. The program manages and downloads new episodes automatically.

Access to music channels televised
Access to the main music channels televised, including a top with 25 more. The video windows can be resized as desired, occupying the entire screen or just a piece so you can keep browsing the Internet while rolling the chosen clip.

Record for later listening
Record favorite stations for later listening or whenever you want, in the formats supported by most popular media players such as MP3, WMA or AAC. The radios still receive recorded ID3 tags and cover art automatically, providing more information about their recordings to keep everything well organized.

Transform your Android into a Multimedia Hub
With the Android app Audials – Radio + Music Sync , you have access to your files from your PC using a fixed connection to the internet to stream with the program installed on your computer. So, no need to take up space on your SD card with songs that can be accessed remotely.

Keep nostalgia when listening FM programming those weird boxes and old known as “radios”, doing this while using your computer in the comfort that only technology can provide, within a complete and full of features.

Audials Light 11Audials Light 11 Download

Audials Light 11 Download

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