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The WiFi connection allows communication between different devices and compartilamento. It is possible to connect portable devices, smart TV, smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers, all using only one network without worrying about the distance between them.

Clear that such convenience comes with a price. On the one hand, the WiFi gives you plenty of mobility, but on the other, there is the risk that other people steal your connection and catch a ride in your internet.

You can avoid this by creating a password-protected, however, if one or hacker can guess your password, he can make use of your connection freely and often without you knowing.

Since it is not possible to define the perimeter of the WiFi signal – especially if the router is near a window or wall – makes it easy for anyone to catch him. With this, your internet bill may be more expensive and your connection speed slower because someone else is taking advantage of your internet.

Thinking about it, was created SoftPerfect Wifi Guard . With it, you can scan the network and create a list of all the devices connected to it. She uses the ping command on all devices connected to the network and displays all those who responded to the command. Also, if an unknown device to connect to your network, you are immediately alerted via on-screen notifications.


It is not difficult to include the software on the machine. Click on the download button included on this page and enter a location to save the file. After you finish downloading it, double-click the executable and proceed with the installation normally. Note that, unlike some software that offer a number of additions and navigation bars, SoftPerfect WiFi Guard excludes nothing superfluous, logo can be installed with no concern.

Who is Online?

Visually the app is very nice. At the top are buttons located to the analysis, change settings, view all devices and visit the developer’s website. In the center, are shown connected devices.

To discover devices, simply click the “Scan Now”. That done, the tool populates the list and you can organize it by “IP-Address”, “MAC Address”, “RTT”, “Name”, “information” and “Vededor” (Developer). To view the devices already seen on the network, click the “All Devices”.
Download SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

The computers that were recognized and found by the tool are given a green dot, since the unknowns are marked in red. Clicking with the right mouse button on any of the results are displayed options to view the properties of the component and copy the information.

If a component is found unregistered, in the form of a notification popup is displayed on the screen. It lists the IP address, and the name of the Mac hardware. Initially, all devices are shown as unknown, even if they belong to your own network.

Do I know you?

You are able to recognize a tool linked to your moving towards the “Qualities”. Just choose the product within the list, click “Qualities” and choose the I am aware this pc or device. You may also give a comment concerning the device, before clicking the “OK” button in order to save the data.

Once you have listed all the devices that belong to your local network devices as recognized, tracked keep any misuse of your connection is a breeze. Any device other than those that have been marked is an intruder.


Click the “Settings” button to display the settings of the tool. Here, you can choose which adapter you want to use in the analysis, choose how you want to scan devices simultaneously (up to 32 components) and how often the entire network should be rescanned.

You can also determine how the software behaves. Choose what he must do to be minimized, if it should be started along with the operating system and if you want to automatically check for new versions.

In the “Advanced” tab, you can define a range of IP addresses. It will be used for research, for example, to It is also possible to play a sound when a component is detected intruder.
SoftPerfect WiFi Guard Download

Download SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

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