Download 4QU For Chrome

4QU for Chrome is a complement for Google Chrome that has the function to add a sidebar to your browser to facilitate the sharing of links on social networks.

Besides being always visible to the right of the page, you can also view it above any element of a multimedia site; well as when a piece of text is emphasis.

While using 4QU for Chrome on any of the page simply shares the shortened address for the site, do so after selecting a text used as the description for the link of the post. Among the supported services, as well as Facebook and Twitter, as well as disclose the URLs ago via Evernote,, Odnoklassniki, Moimir, Livejournal, LinkedIn, Google+ and even through email.

Overall Sharing

The 4QU for Chrome offers no option configures the supplement, it is not possible to do anything with it besides sharing addresses of interesting pages and found the quotes randomly surfing the internet. An interesting feature of the extension is to disable it, because it removes the bars of the window and also prevents them to disrupt the proper functioning of some websites.


The 4QU for Chrome offers a very important service variable from person to person: while it is useful for those who absolutely share any link that meets surfing the internet, just having no use for those who do not use any social network. The fact of using popups to enable sharing can be a problem because browsers often tend to prevent the opening of these intrusive windows.

Most social networks proposed are not used much and end up just taking up space on the service bar. Since this is a site in itself is very strange that there also the option to share anything using it. The biggest drawback of 4QU for Chrome is it impossible to use certain features on some sites, it is not always clear that he is the cause of the problem.

Download 4QU For Chrome

Download 4QU For Chrome