Download MobiController For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

MobiController is a tool that allows you to control your computer remotely through a mobile browser or other traditional computer. You can control media functions such as volume, running and other songs, and even manage files, downloading these elements for other devices as if in a server cloud storage.

The app works from an application installed on your Windows and can connect to any other device – via web browser – that is on the same local network as you. Ie, you must be in the same room to control and exchange files with your primary device.

Start using the app

To use MobiController, you must first of all create an account here . Then enter your login information in the app window in Windows and give an enter. With this, you can now access your computer through another device with the IP address provided in the MobiController window.

For more functionality, you need to install new “Controllers”, available on a menu by that name at the top of the app window. Some are free, but the most useful – as the controller to explore and manage files – cost about £ 6.00 each.


MobiController is a very practical and easy to use tool. You can access your computer remotely in several ways, through a mobile phone or another computer on the same network, with few settings. You can manage activities such as those related to media consumption, power control, files, processes, and other applications.

The highlight tool is certainly the amount of possibilities it represents. Being able to import files from one PC to another without the need to create a local network with impairments security is a major breakthrough. This specific function, however, is conditional on purchase of additional drivers, as well as several others.

Free, MobiController offers power control, media control and basic mouse. In our tests, however, the latter ran precariously on other computers, when presenting delays could actually work. In smartphones, the page of the app in general was very slow to perform simple navigation, which can result in little practicality.

Anyway, it’s worth doing a test with the application and check if it works well with your outfits. That’s because it all depends on your local network and the compatibility of their devices traffic.


Download MobiController