Download SoftMine Audio Recorder For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1


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SoftMine Audio Recorder is an application whose function is to make audio recordings from your computer.

In addition, the program also offers conversion from text to audio files as well as reading a written document.

Worth only reinforce that to use the program to make recordings you need a microphone connected to your computer. This is a free version of the software and has limitations.

Recording the audio

Although Windows has an application to make audio recordings, not everyone likes the program and it is not uncommon to seek alternative function. So, if you want to perform this task from the computer, now you can count on SoftMine Audio Recorder to help you complete the action.

The application interface is very simple, operating from a single window with all functions in the form of a button. However, clicking the “Settings” button you can set some preferences for the use, as the type of file to be generated (between MP3, WMA, OGG, VOX, AU, AIFF and).

In addition, there are also setting the audio format, set the input device, choose a name for the output file and the folder in which it should be stored. Likewise, you can configure settings related to the period of silence.

To make the recording, simply click the “Play” button on this screen. Then, the sound will be captured and recorded and you can monitor the signal quality by means of the interface itself. When you want to complete the procedure, just use the alternative to stop, which means that the content is stored automatically.

Reading and converting text

If you want the application to read a text, paste the contents of this field in the program screen. Likewise, you can cescolher a file that is on your computer, using the “Open text file” button. In this case, then simply locate the item and wait for loading.

If you enter an item by mistake or want to add another file, can clear the information on the screen through the “clean text” button. In application settings you can choose the source of the voice. When everything is the way you want, just click “Read text” to start the procedure.

That done, the voice of the program immediately starts scanning, which may be interrupted by the reading button. If you want to convert this text on the screen in an audio file, use the “Convert text to audio file” option.


SoftMine Audio Recorder is a nice feature for those who need or want to make an audio recording on your computer, but do not like the standard Windows tool. The program interface is noteworthy since it is simple and functions are displayed in shape, facilitating its use even for beginners.

Still, you can find some advanced tools on the settings made for those who like to control various aspects of the output file. Similarly, the process for writing is simple, done with one click and offering the ability to pause or stop the process when it is finished.

The material is stored automatically as per the specifications made in the settings and the chosen folder. Additionally, the audio recording was found to be of high quality. The reader is more suitable for texts in English or Spanish. If you paste something that is in Portuguese, in addition to not recognize special characters, the program will read with “accent”.

Therefore, for our language can be more specifically set up interesting reading voice to Spanish. Still, the function worked perfectly during our tests and was able to save the audio to the faithful recognized text on the screen in case of conversion of text into a voice file.

Download SoftMine Audio Recorder

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