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WhatPulse is a program that allows you to discover the amount of clicks that gives the most used buttons and the area of ​​your screen where the mouse pointer is over.

Such information is gathered and highlighted with variants of time and if you want, can be shared on Facebook or program’s official website where there is a general ranking with users with the highest number of clicks.

Another program called WinPcap, which starts automatically with your computer to gather data analysis will also be installed. When you start WhatPulse, you must create an account or connect to Facebook.

Eye on statistics

After entering your account, you will have different tabs to navigate between different analyzes and statistics. On the first tab, you find your computer data and initial data of clicks and keystrokes.

The second tab, and most important, “Input” will bring the most used keys and you can change the data shown with the arrows found in the upper right corner. You can even customize the analysis by choosing another option time between “Week”, “Month”, “Year”, etc..

Already in the “Network” tab, you can check the peak speed internet access and can compare with other countries and with other users. In “Uptime” tab, you can check how many reboots the computer and how long it took the program is installed on your machine.

Clicking on the “Settings” tab, you can configure the program to work with the tools and options you prefer. And the last tab, “Account”, you will have your account information as well as its position in the ranking of the website, and can also disconnect the account or change your password.

The WhatPulse has a free version and a paid version which offers even more options and you can test for 15 days. Among the extra options that the paid version offers, includes more detailed graphics, the ability to share your area of ​​heat between other more technical things and many other services.


After using the program noted that, for the average user, there is no practical utility. The WhatPulse different statistical measures as the number of clicks and the area of ​​your screen where the pointer appears over. And in the end, we thought, “OK, now what do I do with all this?” And the answer is only one: nothing!

For a simple competition with friends is great, but the WhatPulse has no useful function of truth. The paid version also offers no more tool that makes it worth paying for it.

If you just want to satisfy your curiosity, you may miss a few days watching the data that separates the program for you. You can even install on more than one computer, and using the same account, compare the data from each. But do not expect a result that will change something in their performance.

WhatPulse Download

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