Download CrowdInspect For Windows XP, Vista, 7

CrowdInspect is a tool that allows you to keep an eye on each operating system process. Thus, it is possible to discover if any of them is related to some sort of virus or any other malicious software.

When a process is identified as suspicious by CrowdInspect he shows to the user a risk assessment that the element is to the computer. Thus, it is possible to finish the process and prevent it to continue running any malicious activity that was trying to accomplish.

Use the app with antivirus

The CrowdInspect is not exactly a virus, since the app can not remove these malicious software from your computer. It serves only to observe and calculate risk for each process, passing a fine-toothed comb where your traditional antivirus may have left some nits.


CrowdInspect is a simple tool to use and it significantly increases the security of your computer. You can check the running processes on your system separately and assess the risk that each brings to your computer. The app itself makes this analysis and show you a risk assessment, allowing the user to decide whether or not to keep the element running on the system.

With this, the CrowdInspect shows an interesting application, but at the same time is hardly a security tool itself, since it is dedicated only for advanced users and, in fact, can not keep your computer secure, only warn about the risks. If the app were integrated into a more comprehensive security solution, could be more interesting.

For advanced users
Either way, the interface CrowdInspect is not the friendliest. Since we specified above, the program is not intended for basic users, since specific details of system processes need to be interpreted. Otherwise, you may cause serious damage to Windows ending a process that should not.

So if you want to spend a fine-toothed comb on your system, CrowdInspect can be a good solution, but do not forget to use the app along with a complete antivirus.

Download CrowdInspect For Windows XP, Vista, 7